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Morgan Elderfield – “F… off, pig, I’m a lawyer. I got 94 in my UAI and I’m sorry you are so inferior and don’t know the law”.

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A Doggie Dilemma – Ellen DeGeneres

Submitted by on Sunday, 29 March 20093 Comments
A Doggie Dilemma – Ellen DeGeneres

Ok, the story goes like this. Iggy, a cute little black Brussels-Griffon is lonely and needs a home. Ellen DeGEneres sees the dog, falls in love, then decides to adopt Iggy from the non-profit org that finds dogs a home. Iggy is not accepted with the local posse (aka the cats) that rules Ellen’s haunt. Ellen decides to give Iggy, whom she loves, to a trusted friend and her children who falls in love with Iggy just as Ellen did. Everyone’s happy right? Well not everyone. The non-profit organization by the name of Mutts and Moms is not happy that they were not involved with Iggy’s change of home, ego is hurt, they take Iggy back, cage him up, and now are looking for a home for this poor little dog.


Mutts and Moms, whose sole purpose is to find dogs a home that will love and look after them, takes back the darn little thing from a home that loves and looks after him to then find a home that will love and look after him. (Dizzy Spell). Who decided to give the boss of this company a job? Surely a Toy Doll Assembly line would have been more appropriate. They are going against the very reason why that organization exists? Am I missing something?

They are claiming that Ellen breached the contract that she signed stating that if the adoption doesn’t work out then she should take the dog back to Mutt’s and Moms and they will find a more suitable home. But surely the end in this case justifies the means. Don’t you think? For this small non-profit org surely Ellen did them a favor in finding a suitable loving home for Iggy and that all that was needed was a few documents to be signed and then life goes on. Also, it’s hardly intelligent of the organization to cause such a fuss with someone so famous. Look, I am into everyone being treated equally and that includes celebrities. But surely the co-owners of Mutts and Moms, Batkis and Venessa Chekroun, could have seized the opportunity to help promote their organization, as they are non-profit that I’m sure has a very tight budget. But instead they do something that goes against all logic and it is now known as a small organization with a similar sized ego that is so easily bruised.

Now Batkis Chekroun is now receiving threatening emails/letters including some ‘death threats’. I’m not condoning any of this, but well what did they expect? Ellen is known for being quite a soft hearted lady with her own talk show that is doing extremely well. As Ellen tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, she started to talk about the situation on her talk show, amongst a lot of tears. This would have won the hearts of even more viewers. It doesn’t take the intelligence of nuclear physicist to know that it would not be a good idea to ‘upset’ such a person. Not to say that Ellen was using her program as a stage to maliciously attack the company that upset her, as I don’t believe that that’s in her nature. But having said all that, it has definitely hit a soft spot of the American public which have now reacted in this way.

This could have all been avoided if they had just thought it through, if they had thought about why they had started their organization in the first place and made the appropriate amendments. Even if it was not according to protocol.

At the end of the day, poor Iggy is still lonely and is looking for a home that will love and look after him.


  • QWMichael said:

    No. But now i will. Thanks for that.


  • Christopher Mills said:

    i would have to say that Ellen Degeneres is really great in having her show, it is an informative tv show “~-


  • Payton Butler said:

    Ellen Degeneres – the best TV show host ever, love ya Ellen~”.


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