What a Moron! – Morgan Elderfield
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Morgan Elderfield – “F… off, pig, I’m a lawyer. I got 94 in my UAI and I’m sorry you are so inferior and don’t know the law”.

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Well, it’s not all doom and gloom :)

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The Worst Movies of All Time

Submitted by on Monday, 27 April 20094 Comments
The Worst Movies of All Time

After watching Speed 2 I thought I would start a list of what I consider The Worst Movies of All Time! This list will no doubt get longer but it’s a good start I believe.

Feel free to let me know of others.

1. Speed 2 – Directed by Jan de Bont. Starring: Sandra Bullock and Jason Patric
How can a movie about high jacked cruise liner earn the title ‘speed’? Anyway, Sandra Bullock stars using her trademark ’5yo babbling’ acting method. Please Sandra Bullock – cute talk is quite nice just before a bit of nooky, but when it’s stretched over a 1.5hr period it becomes well.. really really annoying! ARGH!

2. Basic Instinct 2 - Directed by Michael Caton-Jones. Starring: Stan Collymore and Sharon Stone
Watery scripting, watery acting. Sharon Stone, known more for her ‘spread eagle’ scene in the original Basic Instinct then her acting abilities, tries desperately to convince the viewer that she a twisted, dark, novel writer but instead comes across as someone suffering the after effects of a bad curry.


  • Sam said:

    Police Academy: I hate that sorta humor stupid slapstick humor. People who find that funny are idiots


  • antman said:

    If you don’t like it don’t watch it! What is your problem!


  • Admin (author) said:

    Sam – I think Police Academy was ok for its time as slap stick was the in thing at that time. But yeah, I can’t watch them now – way to try hard funny, relying on silly sounds and pulling faces.


  • HPrules101 said:

    Sam- Just because some people like a movie doesn’t make them idiots. What’s your problem? I really liked Police Academy and I really think it’s immature and rude of you to bring down people just because they have better taste of movies then you do.


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