What a Moron! – Morgan Elderfield
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Morgan Elderfield – “F… off, pig, I’m a lawyer. I got 94 in my UAI and I’m sorry you are so inferior and don’t know the law”.

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What a Moron! – Wendy Moore – Judge Judy

Submitted by on Sunday, 30 August 200928 Comments

Sorry guys, looks like CBS has ordered YouTube to remove the video. I will see if I can find another copy soon.

Wendy Moore – one sad sack of a woman.

The story goes like this. Derrick Moore, Moore’s son, was listening to music in his mom’s car with his friend Perry-Anne when they decided to take the car for a drive. So they took the car to Perry-Anne’s friend down the road and on the way back they had a terrible car accident and Perry-Anne was killed. She was only 16.

Now a normal mother in that situation would be extremely sorrowful especially as she allowed the children to be in the car with the keys and in fact allows her son to drive the car on her property even though he is not qualified. But instead of this normal reaction she instead decided to sue Perry-Anne’s mother for the cost of the car and for Derrick’s medical expenses!!

Maybe I missed something, perhaps I’m not worldly wise or maybe I’m a little harsh in my thoughts, if so please forgive me when i say that surely this woman is one cold hearted, self centered biatch!! I bet a thought crossed her mind to report the car stolen so she could get an insurance payout but then backtracked as her son was also in the car.

Whatever her reasoning the fact remains that she gave the method for the teenagers to drive the car knowing that she allows her son to drive it and left the keys in the ignition.

Watch the video and let me know what you think!

What I know about Wendy Moore
Full Name Wendy Moore
Job National Guard Administrator


  • Missjane said:

    Derrick has no hope of being a normal person with a role model like his mom ! She needs a bus to hit her quick before she breeds again !


  • Angy said:

    I feel sick to the stomach. I hate people who value things over the life of a person!!!!!! I bet she is a type of person that hopes her parents would die just 4 the inheretamce money


  • anon said:

    she should be ashamed of herself! thx for the posting


  • JustinCase said:

    I understand why she is suing as Perry-Anne shouldn’t have taken the car. But the son was also invoved and was part of the desion to take it as he was allowed to in the past. But the defendant lost her daughter and all Wendy lost was her car and a little bit of money for the medical. So would she be happier had she lost her son? Wicked witch!!


    Mark Reply:

    I understand she did it in the sense she wants money.

    But from a moral and ethical standpoint, this is one of the most appalling things I’ve seen…. fucking awful.

    I’m glad it backfired. I’d have made her pay the mother a six figure sum for the pain and suffering of a non justified law suit.


  • Miffy said:

    Stoney faced b1tch. Karma got her in the end as millions now know what sort of person she is


    Admin Reply:

    Yeah good point


  • tit4tat said:

    a total C U Next Tuesday!


    SauceOfCourse Reply:



    SauceOfCourse Reply:

    Oh got it


  • MsElliotsDaughter said:

    I’m amazed that the defendant didn’t sue Wendy for giving her daughter the means of taking the car. I think should could have legally! But I’m guessing that she is not hell bent on making a quick buck from her poor daughter’s death like the plaintiff. What a horrible person indeed and I feel sorry for her son that he is related to such a souless person!!!!!!


    Nina Reply:

    Also when you opt to appear on a judge show the maximum amount you can receive is $5000 so she did get the maximum amount possible.


  • killface said:

    What a fat bitch!


  • Vote on this article at blogengage.com said:

    Judge Judy – Case 370 – Wendy Moore …

    Wendy Moore – one sad sack of a woman. Maybe saying that she will go to hell is a little harsh but she definitely deserves a mention….

  • Dee said:

    I saw bits and pieces of that episode. Yes, she is a sick puppy!


  • SiteBiter.com said:

    Judge Judy – Case 370 – Wendy Moore | I Need to Vent!…

    Wendy Moore – one sad sack of a woman. Maybe saying that she will go to hell is a little harsh but she definitely deserves a mention….

  • metooboohoo said:

    horrible what that stupid pink hippo said at the end – ‘Perryann died because she made some stupid mistakes’. For gods sake! OWNED at the end though as now has to pay the defendant $5000!! HA


  • Kaitlin Beckman said:

    Cheer up. It WILL get better.


  • Brian said:

    that wendy moore is a ruthless, vicious, souless, heartless, pompous, bitchy, fat cunt!!!! i hope she burns in hell and the same goes for her mcdonalds burger king stuffing son of hers… even thou perry anne drove the car w/o a license on her own free will which she shouldn’t have done it’s not that big of a deal. perry anne’s mother should’ve sued them instead of being the defendant. derrick is going to become just like his mother i can already see it she should be ashamed of herself. the least wendy moore could do is yeah say she’s sorry and that she feels terrible about what happened, instead of that she sues perry anne’s mother for her son’s medical bills and car damages like wtf! she and her son are not taking responsiblilty even thou they know that they’re responsible for perry anne’s death. this case is so sad i have a lot of pity for those two. my heart goes out to perry anne’s mother =)


  • Mark Vice said:

    Great post!


  • jimbo said:
  • TJ said:

    satan is angelic compared to this thing!!! uggh she needs a vial of opium -stat, no give her an overdose


  • JJ said:

    shes a disgusting example of humanity. shes lucky not to have charges pressed against her for negligence let alone sue this poor lady.


  • Echo Mirage said:

    Interestingly enough. This case falls under
    fruit of the forbidden tree. The fruit was the
    death caused by the theft of the car.
    The means are of no matter.
    If you leave the key to your house
    In the lock. It does not grant everyone access
    to the house or the pool or whatever. If there
    Is a death in the house by any account .
    The crime offender is held responsible.
    IE The girl who died was driving the car she
    Had no permission to drive.
    The boy involved is of no consequence in
    The rules of law.
    Actually the owner of the car and the son could
    Sue for reckless endangerment .
    This is an easy case on appeal.
    Don’t weep or hand out emotion for stupidity.


  • tonya novak wilson said:

    I totally agree with the plantiff on this case, and here’s why: the defendants daughter took it upon her self to take the car and drive it. Probably trying to whore around or something. I know I wouldn’t be held liable if I were in a situation like this, and because Perry Anne drove the car without permission, her mother should pay for the damages come on now you guys are thinking emotionally. Perry Anne was totally at fault. She was 16. The boy was 14.. she should be deemed responsible for her behavior and actions, dead or not


    Nathan J Reply:

    Tonya must be related to the plaintiff. First off you lose any credibility when you assume the daughter was going to “whore around.” What a disgusting comment. Definitely not worth trying to debate this issue with the likes of someone like you. Obvious trolling


    mrsfish Reply:

    actually, the woman, by means of her son, gave the girl permission to drive the car and should be held liable, as would you in such a circumstance. she made a bad judgement call and decided that her 14 yr old was old enough to have access to the vehicle. he, in turn, gave permission to the girl…even he testified that since he was able to drive he didn’t think it would be a problem for the girl to drive. but for that fact, that girl wouldn’t have thought about driving that car. he said it was okay for her because his mom said it was okay for him…that is a logical conclusion especially considering that these were 2 teenagers. if he wasn’t old enough to know better, then (guess what?) he shouldn’t have been given permission to get behind the wheel…that’s why people have to go through a legal route to obtain permission to drive from their local government, and not from their parents. the insurance falls on the driven car (and the owner of that driven car)…so if there was an outstanding deductible then perhaps she could have sued for the deductible, but not his medical bills.
    and, emotionally speaking, that woman is one cold sociopath.


  • poopdeck said:



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