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The Moron's of Judge Judy
Katie Price (Jordan) – The Case of One Serious Fame Wh*re

I was looking on the internet for the exact meaning of the phrase ‘Fame Wh*re’ but wasn’t able to find anything precise.

Quack quack Jordan, Quack Quack
Quack Quack Jordan, Quack Quack

From the sound of it it seems quite fitting when talking about Katie Price. In fact using both words independently also works – very handy indeed!

In the past I didn’t mind Katie Price and Peter Andre with their ‘kooky’ antics, and in fact I used to stay up just to watch ‘Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter Stateside’ for a little light hearted giggle. The problem I have now is that after their already heavily publicised break-up Katie just doesn’t seem to go away. It’s like a old school friend whom you never quite new but didn’t mind too much suddenly appearing and wanting to be best friends! Yeah, it was fun when we were 10 but please, life goes on! At the moment she is so embarrassingly desperate to get people to read some trashy mag about her version of the events that led up to their relationship break down that she is reverting to her old tactics of fandangled sleaziness! Can anyone honestly take her seriously when she drapes herself with letters from her supposed fans and with a deep seductive voice to entice the viewer to buy the mag? Can anyone give a fat arse? Jordan, you are being pathetic!

Sigh! That is the reason for my little vent!

I have a list of celebrities that I find nauseously annoying. Well, it’s not an actual list, more of a mental note – I don’t want you to think that I am obsessive. Of course Victoria Beckham and Heather Mills are up the top. Now, I’m sorry to say Katie, you and your perma-tanned face has shot up from an almost insignificant mosquito buzzing annoying to Pat Ferrari from that Sally Raphaël talk show annoying – who is one anusly annoying wench I might add!

Unfortunately, I don’t think that Katie will get the hint that all products have a used-by-date. She may have found it easy to show some silicon cleavage in the past for a bit of coin but like all plastic-wrapped chickens they only have a very short shelf life. Sad? Perhaps, but this chick is destined for the bin and lets all hope for the sake of our sanity it is sooner than later!


Kim Yoo-Suk

Poor guy was winning before the crowd started chanting his name!

Poor guy was winning before the crowd started chanting his name!

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