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Morgan Elderfield – “F… off, pig, I’m a lawyer. I got 94 in my UAI and I’m sorry you are so inferior and don’t know the law”.

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Sophie Powles – Emmerdale – She Can’t Even Act as a Spaced Out Druggie!

Submitted by on Saturday, 21 August 201016 Comments

Ok, maybe I am giving too much away about my past-time activities – but I do like watching Emmerdale. I was hooked after my English girlfriend insisted turning it on during dinner. Sigh – is there any hope for me?

So that said, I am quite passionately impressed with the casting of this show and the high level of acting abilities the cast has. For example, look at the actor Danny Miller who plays Aaron Livesy – fantastic from the word go! I mean most new and virtually inexperienced actors tend to need a while to ‘form’ into their character, whereas Danny was perfect from day one. Completely brilliant!

So my question is – what the hell were they on when they selected Sophie Powles to play Holly Barton? This monotone expressionless bint is so painful to watch!

Watch the video above and I’m sure you will agree! (You will have to fast forward 10 seconds!)

Sophie Powles is a Yip Yip

Urgh! See – how painful was that?! Torture even! That part when they were checking out Nathan – (0:53) – so bad!!!! She didn’t even look at him, just spun her head back and forth! I was surprised that she didn’t turn around and go ‘Yip yip yip yip’ like the Yip Yip’s from Sesame Street! (Don’t know the Yip Yip’s? Click here. Very funny!)

Maybe I am thinking about it too much but it just annoys me that much! At the moment her role is changing from a ‘sweet’ farming girl to an edgy drug addict which really should be relatively easy to act. I mean either you’re stoned and off your face (very easy), or you’re twitchy and paranoid (quite easy) – even I could do that! But she can’t! I’m sure the producers decided after listening to public opinion about her and thought that she should be able to at least play a druggie – WRONG!!

Please! Emerdale Producers! GET RID OF HER!!! SHE IS USELESS!!!

Anyway, she has run away from the Barton’s house – lets hope it’s for quite a while and she comes back but as a different actor!

One can only hope!


  • SatSux said:

    Ha! Yea she is a soggy rag of an actress!


  • Daysofourlive said:

    I have never seen it and agree she is sh*t!


  • Phlbbbb said:

    I bet she screwed a producer to get the job lol


  • applebite said:

    wow she is really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Puddle said:

    She is doing something that she loves. She may not be good at it but she is still very lucky. How many of you can say that you are working in a job that you love.


    Admin Reply:

    The thing is that most people are good at their jobs – she is usless!


  • susan said:

    hey, why don’t you get a job as an actress and then i can’t slag you lot off, but that would make me just like you.

    GET A BLOODY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Admin Reply:

    Um, I won’t because I know I can’t act – she should do the same.

    So do you love every artist, singer, actor? You have never cussed any of them? If you had then you’re a hypocrite, if you don’t then you have no taste or opinion.


  • peeps said:

    i think shes beautiful


    Admin Reply:

    I agree – she is pretty. But that’s it!


    Newsboy Reply:

    I think the blonde girl that looks after the hourses is better looking. She is ok but not my type


  • Irish Dude said:

    I saw her today on emmerdale, I think she has improved since that old clip you showed. She is freakin’ hot though which is one of the reasons I watch the soap, her and other characters. I was hoping she’d get desperate and be selling her ass in hotton (is it?) or wherever they go for some drug money. Yea a story where Ashley the priest is curb crawling and finds her would be good.

    What drug is she supposed to be taking anyway?

    I reckon their gonna kill her off soon anyway.


    Admin Reply:

    Yeah I tend to agree with you there. That scene in the pub was quite convincing. But I still hesitate to say that she is a good actor, or even a mediocre one.

    ‘I was hoping she’d get desperate and be selling her ass in hotton (is it?)’

    What, just next to the Woolpack pub? Ha! Brilliant! I’m sure Carl would have had a go!

    I’m guessing she was taking coke or speed – but who knows.

    As grim as it may sound, I do hope she improves but then takes a bad turn and OD’s. Not to say that I’m wanting anyone to OD, even a fictional character, but if the producers are wanting to prove a point then I think they will defiantly hit that target if she ends up dying in some gutter. Just a thought.


    soap Reply:

    coke 100%


  • Jade Bell said:

    I’m english, and I totally agree, and am now pissed Americans think of her and all the other ugly trouts they shove on soaps as brittish women! What’s more, the new arrival to Emmerdale, Kelly, is worse, she’s got a shite cockney accent, a mane of split ends, and her face looks like a melting ballbag!


    Admin Reply:

    Yeah, Kelly Windsor! UGRH! Don’t get me started! In fact I have pretty much stopped watching Emmerdale ’cause of her. She is really grating! Prefer splinters under my nails!


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