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Around 10 years ago a ‘so-called’ friend from work asked if he could borrow $500 from me as he needed to pay for a plane ticket to see his sick mother urgently. As I had loaned him money in the past and he paid me back without delay I had no concerns with lending him the money. It wasn’t until the next day that I found out that he resigned. My first thought was that perhaps his mother was dying (she lived in New Zealand) and he resigned to be with her but I later found out that he had planned to resign and his mother was fine. So getting back to the money he owed me, I tried to call him and his phone was disconnected, and my emails were not being replied to. After a few weeks of getting nowhere I finally resigned to the fact that he conned me out of the cash. $500 may not seem a lot to most people, and in reality I could live without it. It was the fact that he used my good trusting nature against me. So that is the reason why I created this website – perhaps a bit overboard but I really needed to vent and I was hoping that if he googled his own name (as most of us do) that he would come across it. Since he had a very unique name there would be no chance of him being confused with anyone else and no chance of being sued for libel as I kept to the facts. Anyway, the plan worked 🙂 as after a few months he contacted me and said that he would pay me the money via Paypal with a little extra if I would delete posting. After a day I received the money and I deleted the posting and was left feeling very pleased with myself. 🙂

So yeah, perhaps I wrote more that I should but I thought I would explain my motivation on creating this website as I know I am not the only one that at times need to vent about something that really gets to us.

I hope that this website helps you and feel free to contact me below.

Adrian 🙂


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