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Bad Voices, Bad Arrangements, Bad Harmonies, Bad Lashes | I Need to Vent!
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Bad Voices, Bad Arrangements, Bad Harmonies, Bad Lashes

Here we go again. Four desperate girls who obviously took to heart when their tonedeaf grandmothers told them that they have such amazing voices, are trying to create the next girl group sensation! The groups name? Bad Lashes. Urgh!

To give you a bit of a background.

Bad Lashes were a contestant on Britain’s X Factor 2008 and sung an acappella version of Crazy by Gnarls Barkley for their initial audition. Although completely murdering this great song by over ambitious and badly arranged harmonies they made it through with 1 No and 2 Yes’s.

Throughout X Factor’s filtering process it continued to be apparent that these ‘Hairdressers Trying to be a Girlband’ were completely out of their depth and was very painful to watch – like an uncle making rude jokes at a christening. They have no understanding about creating anticipation with their harmonies and was as though each one of them were competing on being the loudest with their vocal masturbation.

I shouldn’t say that they have bad voices as I’m sure that with some coaching that they one day may sound ok. But for the moment I suggest that they keep quiet, get some lessons, change their name and apply for a job singing old classics at the local old people’s home.

  1. Your a sad sad and pathetic tool! Why spend time writing something about something u hate!

    • In case you hadn't realized, this website is called I Need to Vent which I think is pretty clear about what the site is about. Besides you're accusing me of something you are doing – you are also 'wasting' your time venting about me venting you sad pathetic tool!

  2. Who cares what you think they are talented and you will be eating your words when they make it! Everyone has there own tastes so don't ram down my throught who I shouldn't like. I guess you are just gealus of them!

    • Well, ok you are right about how everyone has the right to have their own opinion and have their own tastes – but to a point and most intelligent people would know where that point lies. I will give you a simple example – if someone came up to you and explained that their choice for a fine dining experience was a dinner at the local McDonald's what would your reaction be?

      Would you:

      a) Agree and complement them on their taste for fine cuisine

      b) Slap them around a bit and ask them not to talk to you again

      This is how I see this hideous girl group 'Bad Lashes' – they are the McDonald's in the world of fine food and you liking them is akin to you selecting choice A.

      Also, your comment that I must be jealous is so typical and is completely illogical! By you saying that is assuming that I do not like anyone that has any form of success (not to say that they are successful). It just doesn't make sense!

    • Oh and I hope that your avatar is not a tattoo as you will regret having it for sure!! A permanent reminder of what a 'tool' you are.

    • msgirl85 the admin is right, they are tryhard hairdressers and i wish they would give up god they suck!

  3. They righteously suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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