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The Moron's of Judge Judy
My Apple Has a Worm!

Lets face it, we all love Apple’s overpriced iToys. The feeling when you can finally prove to the world that ‘yes I am trendy – see I have proof’. It doesn’t matter the fact that their strict secrecy policies are beating their workers in China to the point of suicide, all is forgiven when you hear the soft ‘whoosh’ when you first open the box, the first touch of the crisp lines and first caress of its femine curves, and the first interaction with the intuitive UI. So luscious indeed!

My question is though, when did Apple suddenly become the benchmark of all things trendy in tech? When did this half eaten fruit gain its godly status? When did I fall asleep clutching my flag shaped Window only to wake up hungry for a bite of an Apple? Whatever the reason, there is definitely a trance inducing allure that falls on anyone unlucky enough to fall under its heavenly light, and I must say that I am finding it hard to resist.

The thing that is starting to annoy me most is not so much of the choices of computers out there that I should buy to fill that space on my desk. What really annoys me is that I have already made up my mind to buy an Apple Computer without really knowing why. I am finding that I am trying to convince myself that there are better options out there that are a lot cheaper and run a lot faster, but yet I am dumbly drawn back to where I was. It’s like trying to convince a homing pidgeon to go on a holiday, y’know somewhere sunny by the beach or something, only to find that he has flown back home again! ARGH!

I know Apple are evil, I know that their products are overpriced, I know that their fanboyz run around with their empty brainless smiles trying to convince you that their new found life is so much better than yours. So what should I do? Should I take a bite of this forbidden fruit? Are all things Apple so much better in iLand? Or is it just filled with empty promises of sunshine, lollypops and rainbows. Or then again, am I putting too much emotional energy into this, as well let’s face it, it’s only a bloody computer!

Dick of the Week! – Arnold Schwarzenegger

I was reading in the paper this week how Arnold Schwarzenegger shortened sentence given to Esteban Nunez for the manslaughter of fellow student Luis Dos Santos.

Schwarzenegger cut 7 years of the original 16 year sentence saying that the original term was ‘excessive and disproportionate.”

The victim’s mother Cathy Santos, who was informed of the decision by journalists, said: “I think it’s absolutely despicable. I think it’s a huge injustice to our son. The courts don’t mean a thing. It sends out the message that backdoor deals are fine.”

The reason why I am ‘awarding’ Schwarzenegger the ‘Dick of the Week’ is he obviously doing this as a favour for his ‘bed buddy’ Fabian Nunez a Democrat, who was Speaker of the lower house of California’s state legislature from 2004 to 2008 and worked closely with Mr Schwarzenegger, a Republican, in passing landmark environmental legislation.

Firstly why in America can a politician cut sentences? Surely this is a conflict of interest which is completely highlighted here. Not only that, they are not policemen, judges, criminal psychologists and so therefore, like the most of us, have really no idea when it comes to crime and punishment. So how on earth can their opinion, and it is only an opinion, be enough to overrule a sentence handed down by the judge and having gone through all the legal processes before reaching that decision? It is completely mind boggling and undermines the whole legal process in the US.

Secondly, Schwarzenegger cut the sentence on the last day of being the Governor of California – what a legacy!! He spent most of his life flighting the bad guys and then the last thing he does in the public eye is this?

Arnold – you are pathetic and so are now labelled ‘The Dick of the Week’.

What a Moron! – Morgan Elderfield

Morgan Elderfield – “F… off, pig, I’m a lawyer. I got 94 in my UAI and I’m sorry you are so inferior and don’t know the law”.

What a tool! What a complete spanner!!

Oh yes! I am feeling the warm embrace of justice well served after reading an article in the Sydney Morning Hearld of Australia which tells of a young arrogant yobbo being charged after a ‘booze-fuelled outburst’ at an Australian pub.

The drunk belligerent law student was asked to leave the Wollongong Hotel and reacted by throwing a beer over a security guard then refused to leave by sitting on the floor in a huff like a petulant child.

Eventually another security guard was involved by grabbing her by the wrists in an attempt to remove her from the premises.

After removing her from hotel she continued, in her lady-like manner, to hurl abuse but this time at the police.

After repeated warnings to calm down and go home she was arrested after giving the officers ‘the birdy’ when trying to enter a taxi stomach first.

Throughout the arrest Elderfield continued to thrash about and abuse the officers, scratching one of them and drawing blood.

In court her friends alleged that the security guards and police where extreme in their handling of the situation.

However the magistrate, Ian Guy, found that there were no substance to their claim and dismissed them by saying that they were “unconvincing in the extreme”.

Elderfield was found guilty of six charges, including assaulting police, behaving in an offensive manner in public and failing to leave licensed premises.

She was then fined a total of $2000 and placed on four 12-month good behaviour bond.


What I know about Morgan Elderfield
Full Name Morgan Elderfield
Facebook www.facebook.com/people/Morgan-Elderfield
Lives Osborne St, Wollongong, Australia
Sophie Powles – Emmerdale – She Can’t Even Act as a Spaced Out Druggie!

Ok, maybe I am giving too much away about my past-time activities – but I do like watching Emmerdale. I was hooked after my English girlfriend insisted turning it on during dinner. Sigh – is there any hope for me?

So that said, I am quite passionately impressed with the casting of this show and the high level of acting abilities the cast has. For example, look at the actor Danny Miller who plays Aaron Livesy – fantastic from the word go! I mean most new and virtually inexperienced actors tend to need a while to ‘form’ into their character, whereas Danny was perfect from day one. Completely brilliant!

So my question is – what the hell were they on when they selected Sophie Powles to play Holly Barton? This monotone expressionless bint is so painful to watch!

Watch the video above and I’m sure you will agree! (You will have to fast forward 10 seconds!)

Sophie Powles is a Yip Yip

Urgh! See – how painful was that?! Torture even! That part when they were checking out Nathan – (0:53) – so bad!!!! She didn’t even look at him, just spun her head back and forth! I was surprised that she didn’t turn around and go ‘Yip yip yip yip’ like the Yip Yip’s from Sesame Street! (Don’t know the Yip Yip’s? Click here. Very funny!)

Maybe I am thinking about it too much but it just annoys me that much! At the moment her role is changing from a ‘sweet’ farming girl to an edgy drug addict which really should be relatively easy to act. I mean either you’re stoned and off your face (very easy), or you’re twitchy and paranoid (quite easy) – even I could do that! But she can’t! I’m sure the producers decided after listening to public opinion about her and thought that she should be able to at least play a druggie – WRONG!!

Please! Emerdale Producers! GET RID OF HER!!! SHE IS USELESS!!!

Anyway, she has run away from the Barton’s house – lets hope it’s for quite a while and she comes back but as a different actor!

One can only hope!

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