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The Moron's of Judge Judy
What a Moron! – Morgan Elderfield

Morgan Elderfield – “F… off, pig, I’m a lawyer. I got 94 in my UAI and I’m sorry you are so inferior and don’t know the law”.

What a tool! What a complete spanner!!

Oh yes! I am feeling the warm embrace of justice well served after reading an article in the Sydney Morning Hearld of Australia which tells of a young arrogant yobbo being charged after a ‘booze-fuelled outburst’ at an Australian pub.

The drunk belligerent law student was asked to leave the Wollongong Hotel and reacted by throwing a beer over a security guard then refused to leave by sitting on the floor in a huff like a petulant child.

Eventually another security guard was involved by grabbing her by the wrists in an attempt to remove her from the premises.

After removing her from hotel she continued, in her lady-like manner, to hurl abuse but this time at the police.

After repeated warnings to calm down and go home she was arrested after giving the officers ‘the birdy’ when trying to enter a taxi stomach first.

Throughout the arrest Elderfield continued to thrash about and abuse the officers, scratching one of them and drawing blood.

In court her friends alleged that the security guards and police where extreme in their handling of the situation.

However the magistrate, Ian Guy, found that there were no substance to their claim and dismissed them by saying that they were “unconvincing in the extreme”.

Elderfield was found guilty of six charges, including assaulting police, behaving in an offensive manner in public and failing to leave licensed premises.

She was then fined a total of $2000 and placed on four 12-month good behaviour bond.


What I know about Morgan Elderfield
Full Name Morgan Elderfield
Facebook www.facebook.com/people/Morgan-Elderfield
Lives Osborne St, Wollongong, Australia
K1dz, itz tym 4 d1na!

What is up with the youth of day? I have a 14 year old daughter that just does not listen to me anymore. Whenever I speak to her I just get that ‘watching tv’ blank star and not so much as a hint of any cognitive action. In fact I find it more effective if I just sent her a TXT message, IM them, or send them a Facebook update. I was under the impression that buying her a phone would be a safe guard in case she needed to contact me directly for any reason, but it has totally back fired – ironically her brain only kicks into gear if I threaten to take the phone off her. The phone bill last month was a whopping $150 so in effect I am paying this huge amount for her indifference which pangs me no end. The other night, and it is not a once off as it has happened many times before, I prepared dinner and walked up to my daughters room, banged on her door and said dinner was ready – no response – did it again – no response. It was only when I sent her a TXT message she came out of her room. I also tried updating her Facebook and her friends just egged her on and made a joke about it. Believe me it is NO joke! Why has our relationship ended up this way? When did our mother/daughter chats descend into binary?

Scientology – Caught Hook, Line and Bank Account

I will start by saying that I have no problems with peoples desire in following a religion, it is up to them and I can understand why as there are a lot of questions about ‘why we are here’, and ‘where did we come from’? The problem I have is when an organization was blantenly created, under the disguis of a religion, to make as much money by taking advantage of peoples insecurities then that just makes my blood boil! This is why I have a strong feeling of hate when it comes to Scientology.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that Scientology is the only one to focus on as there are a lot of other religions that do the same – for example the Christian Church. The difference is that with the Christian Church greed has taken over and has contradicted the core beliefs of the religion that it is trying to represent.

Now getting back to Scientology – the main reason why this organization (it is not a religion as what defines a religion is the belief of a higher being – “Human recognition of superhuman controlling power and especially of a personal God entitled to obedience”), is to make money. This is not just an opinion of an ‘outsider or non-believer’ but was said by the founder himself – L. Ron Hubbard. Here are some of his quotes:

  • “MAKE MONEY. MAKE MORE MONEY. MAKE OTHER PEOPLE PRODUCE SO AS TO MAKE MORE MONEY.” – L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 9 March 1972, MS OEC 384
  • “I’d like to start a religion. That’s where the money is.” – L. Ron Hubbard to Lloyd Eshbach, in 1949; quoted by Eshbach in OVER MY SHOULDER: REFLECTIONS ON A SCIENCE FICTION ERA, Donald M. Grant Publisher. 1983

Now we have a  bit of a conundrum here as if a believer were to say that Scientology is not about making cash then that person would be contradicting their ‘messiah’ and if believer were to say that Scientology was only around to make money then they would contradict their ‘religion’.

L. Ron Hubbard was lucky that he started Scientology when he did and where he did. Had he tried in any other country or time then I do not believe that Scientology would have been as successful as it is today. The reason why I say this is because Scientology was created close to the end of the 2nd world war, in 1954, when people were shaken up by the war and started questioning their beliefs and wanting to follow something, wanting to find meaning. Another reason why it is so successful is that it was created in America, where it is easy to ‘bribe’ politians – political ‘donations’, and where they virtually no privacy laws – you can find dirt on anyone quite easily and then blackmail them if they do not  pass a law etc..

Do I feel sorry for people that join this organization? Well for those who are born into Scientology then I do, but for those who decide to join them then I do not as there is enough information on the Internet to find out what they are really like.

I don’t really want to get into what I really think of Scientology because they are just too powerful, but I do believe that the more information on the Internet about them so that people can form their own opinions about them the better it is. If this is in fact the one true religion then it should welcome people who are against them as truth is only truth if it can stand up to opposition. But unfortunately they’re are not of the same belief and will do anything to try  keep their religion stain free. Unfortunately for them  this is also a reason why people are becoming vocal in their opposition against them.

Top Gear or Top Geraniums?

What is happening with trying to feminize everything now-a-days? Dr Louise Livesey is a complete moron if she believes that by trying to change such a brilliant show to become more feminine she will win any respect from the everyday laymen or from her peers. What is she thinking?

Basically the Equality Bill was passed in the UK which encourages employers to take action to widen diversity in the public sector.

Top Gear, as do a number of other programs,  falls under this Bill as it is owned by the BBC – a publicly owned entity.

So it appears that Drrr Louise Livesey, a tutor in sociology and women’s studies at Ruskin College in Oxford, thought that this would be a good opportunity to jump on the ‘sexist bandwagon’ and said of the show that it was “entrenched with institutional sexism”.

Ahem.. I am sure we would all agree that most of the programs on TV are focused towards the fairer of the sexes, and if you feel different then I would like to propose a challenge by asking you to get today’s, or any days, television program and have a look.

It was claimed that, not only are the 3 hosts all male, the show had a ‘boys club’ production team and more male guests than female.

Andy Wilwan, Top Gear’s executive producer claimed that it was “utter drivel that the show excluded women, and asked if it was geared so harshly towards men then why is the audience almost half women?”

He continues by saying, “Secondly, if we are to have a female presenter just to represent the sexes, then by that logic Loose Women needs a bloke in the line-up pretty sharpish.”

“I actually believe these sorts of mandates are patronising to women viewers, because they assume that women can’t enjoy a show’s presenters on merit, but can only appreciate a program if spoken to by one of their own sex.”

If Top Gear is change then I know for sure that it will lose a majority of the viewers. Not just the male viewers but the female as people love the show as it is.

G20 Summit London 2009 – A Relatively Peaceful Day in London Really

I think the whole thing is just ridiculous. Yeah protest all you like but when you smash windows and pick fights in the name peace well.. what can I say? Not a bunch of people that attracts much respect and the majority will just focus on their stupidity then their cause. Having said that though it has been quite quiet this year – a couple of windows broken and 24 people arrested so I guess it was relatively peaceful, although not very good watching on TV (the news reporters almost seemed disappointed).

As a normal guy living a normal life, I am sitting on my couch watching the TV and wondering to myself – what are they fighting for? A lot of it is just completely confusing. For example a statement on a placard read – ‘Ban Money’. What on earth will that achieve? Another said ‘Capitalism Doesn’t Work!’ – as communism worked for Russia didn’t it. Am I missing something here? Obviously I am as why are people so passionate about whatever they are fighting for. We all want peace yes, we all want to live happy lives, but the problem is that as humans we want more then to sit around a campfire and smoke a peacepipe, we want to achieve, explore the moon, find a cure for cancer and expand. Like everything it has a negative side to it, we become unsettled and envious, greed sinks in and the strongest wins out. But isn’t this just evolution? Isn’t that why evolution decided that monkeys should evolve and become humans? Maybe a balance should be found, but to me Capitalism is just a form of Evolution.

Anyway, sitting here watching the news and drinking some wine.. life is good.


Forgive my rambling as I just had a bottle of Pinot and I have been thinking about this all day from a comment a friend made at work. So I just want to write what’s on my mind.

I feel quite perplexed sometimes as to why there is so much animosity towards American’s and their culture. I feel as though I have missed something because as far as I can see, and from friendships I have with American’s, I just don’t see anything wrong with them (on an individual level). They are the most positive people I have ever met. Maybe they’re too positive which contrasts with most people from other countries I know of (not to generalize but it’s hard not to). The few things that I can see that contribute towards anti-Americanism is firstly that monkey of a president George Bush which tends to take over what we see on the News and pretty much affects what goes on in the world. Actually on that point, I believe that TV is the main culprit that contributes to the animosity towards America. Firstly the programs that we have on TV do not paint American’s as the most brightest of people. That show Judge Judy, for example, is full of no-hopers trying to sue each other for the most trivial of things. Not to digress too much but I want to talk about this one episode I saw. This daughter tried to sue her mother because she lent her some money and she didn’t pay the 50% interest that she demanded – ended up being about $500 or some trivial amount like that. She lost the case because there is apparently a law against such a thing, but what caught my attention was the comment the daughter made at the end of the hearing. Basically she told the mother that she wants nothing to do with her again! Unbelievable! So the programs we have on the TV tend to be of that nature. Of American’s doing completely unbelievably stupid things. I must say I do find them quite entertaining as there is something in most of us that finds seeing other people humiliating themselves, especially on TV, very gratifying and I’m sure we all know why. But to get back to the point I was trying to make before. We are all influenced by our senses, and what rewards those senses. When what we see on TV is full of a collective of people that are doing humiliating things then we are rewarded by almost feeling empowered that we are not part of that culture. Does that make sense? To me it does. I may seem quite bent against the media at the moment, which I am, and also is a quite contradictory as my family is full of people in the media – like my oscar/bafta winning sister – my internationally known photographer brother – etc etc – but I can really see that a lot of ills in this world are the direct consequence of what is on TV. Is that really a surprise though? We are all but sheep looking here and there for where to go. Even the most head strong of people are to a point easily influenced. We are all born a blank slate. I really did digress.. must focus!So I believe that a lot of what feeds this anti-American sentiment is the direct result on what we see on TV and read on the paper.
I will leave it there and hope that people will comment on this subject as it is really relevant, and as you can all hide behind the Internet I am really interested in what you all think.

PS – I should have spell checked it etc.. but it was a nice bottle of Pinot

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