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Dick of the Week! – Arnold Schwarzenegger | I Need to Vent!
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The Moron's of Judge Judy
Dick of the Week! – Arnold Schwarzenegger

I was reading in the paper this week how Arnold Schwarzenegger shortened sentence given to Esteban Nunez for the manslaughter of fellow student Luis Dos Santos.

Schwarzenegger cut 7 years of the original 16 year sentence saying that the original term was ‘excessive and disproportionate.”

The victim’s mother Cathy Santos, who was informed of the decision by journalists, said: “I think it’s absolutely despicable. I think it’s a huge injustice to our son. The courts don’t mean a thing. It sends out the message that backdoor deals are fine.”

The reason why I am ‘awarding’ Schwarzenegger the ‘Dick of the Week’ is he obviously doing this as a favour for his ‘bed buddy’ Fabian Nunez a Democrat, who was Speaker of the lower house of California’s state legislature from 2004 to 2008 and worked closely with Mr Schwarzenegger, a Republican, in passing landmark environmental legislation.

Firstly why in America can a politician cut sentences? Surely this is a conflict of interest which is completely highlighted here. Not only that, they are not policemen, judges, criminal psychologists and so therefore, like the most of us, have really no idea when it comes to crime and punishment. So how on earth can their opinion, and it is only an opinion, be enough to overrule a sentence handed down by the judge and having gone through all the legal processes before reaching that decision? It is completely mind boggling and undermines the whole legal process in the US.

Secondly, Schwarzenegger cut the sentence on the last day of being the Governor of California – what a legacy!! He spent most of his life flighting the bad guys and then the last thing he does in the public eye is this?

Arnold – you are pathetic and so are now labelled ‘The Dick of the Week’.

  1. what an idiot

  2. Arnold is not "The Dick of the Week". Arnold is "The Brain dead of the week". Thanks for venting your anger! I hate Arnold!

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