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February 17, 2015 at 9:29 am

My arrogant B.I.L. is a complete a-hole. His kids are following in his footsteps of the eternal one-upmanship. A little background: He is a 38yo atheist who brags about his six figure salary(IT salesman) wife 2 kids a-hole dog and all. First off you would know he is an atheist because he would tell you how his belief or non belief has made him the smartest person on the earth. Then while entertaining at his home, while playing a kids game made reference to his income, just out of the blue. Hey pal I don’t give a crap, But since we are on that topic tell me again about your income and your upside-down mortgage  your home that since you bought have not put a coat of paint on, hell you most likely are using the same toilet seats from the old owner. Lets look into the 1970’s shag in your living room and your foam college dorm furniture.  His dog is the type of dog that will come up to you then out of no where bite/nip at you, hasn’t happened to me but I have instructed my children how to deal with this on the spot. He is the type of person that his views are the doctrine to be followed, and if your opinion is in opposition to his you do not matter and are clearly less of an intellectual than he is. He spent extra on a 100 year roof although he has made the assertion that this current home is a step off home, he got taken to the cleaners by a local window installer has stock home depot windows. Talked to my other B.I.L. about having a heated driveway installed, made his wife shovel snow blower sat broken in garage since last year. And his latest claim that he is going buy land and live frontier style in 5 years, hell I will buy the land for him just to get him out of my life completely

June 12, 2015 at 1:58 pm

Well you are blessed – I work for mine! Money no problem – have at least 40 homes and other business incomes – spending is hobby and just the best. I earn about 850 dollars a month with house water elect – 7 to 5 – looking after frail care mother and our place about 300m from their house and I think my mum see them if lucky once every 3 months – now I worked my ass off for my salary but every minute I have for myself and remember I have mum with me 24/7 they invite their grand children which then spend days at my house and when sun go down they go home – oh and we have kids living on farm too so every night and every weekend I have a child with me until at least 7 at night – adults visit and take their weekend afternoon naps – apart from that they are christians –   workers earn 216 dollars and get I instructions to do to lesson their salaries – give instructions of farm decisions and then change mind – After running the farm for about 5 years I am embarresed to talk to farmers around us – he is a Dr Jekile and Mr Hyde – you sometimes cannot believe the changes. He does not have the guts to handle situations and leave it up to me to sort out – if I want leave I must take it when they have nothing planned with kids – specially school holidays because I need to take them with me on the farm or my office. not one of the siblings have taken my mum for 1 day to look after her – I went to hospital 2 days and 10 days leave and had to pay extra for someone to look after her – no financial help because the money I receive is my salary – I love the kids and yes my life would be empty but I am tired of being farm foreman, nurse maid, shopper, child carer, etc etc – His dog broke my leg and he never came to me or phone me to ask me how I am – he started to farm but I still did admin from home and went to town to work for them at their company there – my sister said to me that her husband is tired and is farm work to much for him – I hope he sit back and remember I had to do it for years but unfortuatenaly they have blind eyes unless they benefit  – you owe them not they you!! I am 57 what the heck can I do but sit back and take it and pray day to day for help and protection