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July 31, 2010 at 11:56 am

Life has been a real mess here lately.  Between the economy being so bad and the effects it has on all aspects of life.  I am laid off, unemployment running out, little to no work, and  bills are piling up.  Now thats not the complaint in my life. I have answers for finances. I buy and sell used furniture, I always keep an inventory so i can never be truly out of $$$.  I use ebay and craigs list to sell high value items and antiques.

My complaint is that i have a roomate and alot of friends always trying to sponge off my wife and self.  They spend all thier cash as soon as they get it. Then they want to hang around my house because they have no food or drinks there.  They bring thier kids and don't take the hint to back off.  I have to be down right rude.  Not that anyone cares, but i have dealt with severe anger issues my whole life. I have found healthy ways to deal with it and not lash out at people but it isn't always easy.  So if you have a trained tiger how much does it take for it to bite your throat out?

I hear about all the going out and drinking. The roomate's cat eats 4 cans of canned cat food on top of dry food, he's worried about feeding the birds.  Well he's broke, so are we, and theres no real food in the house.  His car is screwed up but he has to smoke 2-3 packs of smokes per day. 12 pack of soda. Well don't cry about money if t hats how you are chosing to spend it.

I'll keep you up dated.

Put the petty shit that adds up together and look at how much different you'd react to big issue if it weren't that way.

August 15, 2010 at 5:06 am

God I hate people that just sponge of you and don't take the hint that 'hey, I also need to find cash to support my family'. The worse thing is that you just end up feeling petty and mean if you tell them to stop eating my fkn food! Urgh! My flatmate used to do that, I would plan my meals for the week and she would just eat it. She knew it was wrong as she would only eat the stuff at the back of the fridge so I may not 'notice'! Yeah right! She also used to smoke inside! Urgh! I told her many times not to and in the end I just kicked her out! 

These people are not friends, friends are courteous and want the best for you. If you look at it that way then would you allow a 'non-friend' to go through your stuff and eat themselves fat? Fk no! Can you just tell them when they turn up that you're busy? I know that you're not working but there must be an excuse to get them to go.

How annoying that they put you in this situation! 

Hope your financial situation improves. 

August 24, 2010 at 10:26 pm

awww thats sad but its true. my dad was laid off twice by the same job& all together was outta work for a whole year basicly& if he wasnt so tight with money and didnt hve some saved we`d probly be out of a home rite now. & even with that every time my dad come arnd his sis and her kids would say well its a resession and ask him for money. and my dad being my dad would give wat little he had. &its my fam but damn that pissd me off. i mean hello? we got bills too.& the fam im speaking in reference to live in the country! the woods basicly&they hve no real big bills like we do at my house..they look at where we live n thnk we got money? they dnt hve to pay light bill or water bill or heat or a house note or a car notes. we got all that to pay..600 dollar house note…400 or more dollar car notes…besides heat electricity grocieries(which they dnt evn hve to pay for like we do either  KUZ THEY GET FOOD STAMPS! and der mom whos never been laid off ask my dad for kash every time she see him????? i cant even go to college im bustin my butt and been stressin out for the longest tryn to find a cheap school! my dad just gave them 100 dollar that they spent ON CLOTHES for school..and then after tht my cousin gan ask me “is your dad gana get my shoes?” like wtf? are you serious? im 19 &havent gotten new clothes sense freakin 9th grade..and the new things i do hve look nice but theyre hand me downs! i dnt hve nthn new kuz i knw we got no money and i know i dnt need it and kuz my clothes still look desent. but yet theyre so “broke” but get new clothes every skull year n shoes. i never got tht ish. my shoes is still from freakin middle skul i got smoll feet so they still fit&like my clothes they still look desent. point being its annoying as dog shit wen ppl who kan waste money every time they get some on shoes ask sum1 who been outta work and got his own house wife n child to take care of for money. besides the fact that for the longest wen my dad was laid off my olde bro(22) and my uncle(40 sumthn) lived with us n my uncle still does..and they ate all the food tht my dad paid for wen he wasnt even workin b4 he even got a chance to eat any and they also didnt help to pay for any! yes its so annoying..beyond belief its anooying..and those is my fam. i couldnt imagine a roomate doin tht ish…not wit me they wouldnt. lok my ish up