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January 15, 2012 at 9:44 am

I dont know about anyone else. But it drives me absolutely CRAZY when im up getting ready for the day, cleaning, taking care of the 3 yr. old… and the bf decides to sleep until noon. Im 23. I remember those days.. but they are long gone. 

This morning… I come downstairs to see that the kitchen is horrific. We had a couple friends over and their 3 y.o. daughter for supper.. so LOTS of cleaning to do. Not only the kitchen.. but the kids decided to tear apart the living room. So this morning, I get up, with my 3 year old. He's as cranky and whiny as can be from last night. Im cranky not just from being tired.. but also we have no cream or milk for coffee… and out store opens at noon. FML.

I try and wake up the bf. Nope. He's not having it. He wants to stay in bed. He also doesnt want to pick up all of his laundry covering the floor in the bedroom and expects me to wash his basketball stuff for tonight. Finally, he gets up, showers, and comes downstairs and watches tv. Says hes going to the store at noon so I can get out of my mood. … 12:05.. still just past noon.. but I really want coffee, son wants milk, and Its really cold outside. So… I get my bank card, grab my coat and he says.. “What are you doing?” I say “Going to the store”. Then of course it starts a fight because he said he would go .. yet hes sitting on his ass watching football highlights!!  He says to me “If you go, you better be out of this mood when you get home or I will leave and never come back. Never.” 


REALLY?! Wtf?! Im in this mood partially because of you and your laziness! No I didnt say that. I have no balls! I did however go to town and tell him do you know why I'm in this mood? Do you care? “No.” He answers to both questions. Wow. I still go ahead and tell him. 

“All day yesterday you hardly talk to me. You lie and tell me youre not pissy with me when you are for god knows what? (probably lack of sex due to high stress levels) So. I go out and buy you a new Movile Wi-Fi stick for your stupid video games that you have been dying for, and a giant chocolate kinder egg and all you do is shrug? and grumpily say Thanks.. 

No appreciation. No nothing. Just yeah whatever excuse me im watching football. 

Anyways.. he does go to the store. He comes back to see my crying but still just puts the milk on the counter.. and back to the t.v. I think I now hear him maybe doing laundry? .. Thats a first. 


Am I wrong for being mad? Im a crazy? However I feel tons better now after finding this site and getting this all out! 

January 23, 2012 at 5:34 pm

You are not crazy – and it'll never change 😛