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July 28, 2011 at 9:15 pm

I find what I read today on the death of Amy Winehouse to be completely disturbing!  While toxicology reports haven't been finished yet, her family believes she may have passed away from alcohol withdrawal symptoms.  This bothers me greatly!  I was not a frequent listener of her music, but I know she was very talented.  She had proven musical talent, and so much potential, but the horrible disease of addiction was so hard on her.  That being said, where in the hell was her support group?  This is a person with plenty of money, and plenty of people around her to be of help, so why was she left alone to suffer through withdrawal symptoms?

I am no stranger to the ugliness of alcohol withdrawal.  I watched my ex boyfriend suffer through it twice.  The second time, his symptoms were so severe that he had to be put out, placed on a ventilator, and monitored for days in the hospital.  He was given IV drugs, and kept in the intensive care unit.  The kicker to all of this is that he is a complete waste of space person who hasn't worked a steady job in three years, has no reason to even be on this planet, yet he got to stay in the hospital under wonderful supervision, and given all possible treatments to make the symptoms manageable, with a final hospital bill of just over $36,000.  Even more, he will never have to pay a cent on that bill.  He just has to file papers, and he gets all bills forgiven.  SO….  If this peice of crap can receive that great of treatment, why can't a talented, young, promising life like Amy Winehouse get the same or better?  It sounds like she was under supervision of a doctor?  How could he think it's safe to leave someone in alcohol withdrawals alone?  Even after the days on the ventilator, after they woke my ex up, he was doing better and almost on his was home until he had a couple seizures.  Doctors said that's very common, lasting effects of the withdrawals.  Possible complications from detoxing include heart attacks, seizures, and death, yet a doctor was not monitoring her?  Why the hell wasn't she admitted to a hospital?  I find it very strange.  I hope to God we get to the bottom of this, and someone pays for this.  Something stinks!  I hope these people weren't just out for her money.  Let's see some justice like we saw in the Michael Jackson case.