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March 1, 2014 at 4:30 am

angry, lost …..frustrated …. what do you do when you feel that everything is slipping through your hands and you know there is nothing you can do about it ? some will say just act, Take control! but come on we all know that some things are bigger then you, for example when a parent is being diagnosed with aggressive cancer and then suffer 3 strokes… not much of “take control” scenario … and this is only the tip of the iceberg, these feelings have been developing these past few months and they also took a toll on my marriage and my work… so what are you suppose to do ? change your perspective so you can feel better ? would that actually change the real situation ? or is that just telling yourself stories to make you feel better while ignoring the reality ?

as the eldest son my parents (and society) always thought me that it is my place to take care of the things… people today seem to disagree, i'm still not sure where i stand on that….

Incertanties…. wow my life is full of them…..i admire people who know what they want to do and how to do it.  It makes me feel dumb that i don'tknow… keep in mind, i am celebrating my 33 birthday in a couple of months, aren't i suppose to have it figure it out by now… ???

My parents live in about 17 hours flight from the US, what makes everything even harder. my wife says im shutting down and pushing her away… not sure how i do it, but for fact she brought it up a couple of times already …. so i guess i am doing something wrong 🙁