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May 6, 2014 at 10:28 am

Ok so I love kids but it annoys me when they do disrespectful things and their parents don't say anything to them. I normally don't care if my birthday is celebrated or not because as a kid my family never really cared to celebrate it. My bfs family every year celebrate it for me by getting me a cake and a few presents. I love them for it but I already told them they do not have to do that. They always insist on doing it which is fine but if you insist on celebrating a persons birthday, at least control your kids so they don't sneeze on the cake and put their dirty fingers in the cake and in their mouths and then back in the cake. It really bugs me, I can not eat something if a kid has their germs all over it. I once said that I cant eat the cake because his niece literally sneezed right on top of the cake, she was like maybe 6 inches from the cake. I mean sneezing is so disgusting especially when a kid does it you know for a fact they spray whatever they sneeze on, in this case it was my b-day cake. it was so annoying because it looked so yummy and i watched everyone else eat it while i was the only one who refused to eat a snot cake. Another time on my b-day his nephew kept crying because he wanted it to be his birthday and kept digging into my cake and licking his fingers and putting it back into the cake and when they lit the candles he had to be the one to blow them out, of course he spit while blowing. Am i horrible for not wanting to eat a spit or snot coated cake? I saw with my eyes exactly what happened, he sprayed the cake with his spit and for me to eat it, literally churned my stomach so i passed. I do not want his family to think i do not appreciate what they are doing because i really do, its just why cant they keep their kids back so they dont put germs all over the food im supposed to enjoy on my b-day? They even looked at me like its not a big deal just eat it, seriously? I cant eat something if a person sneezes on it, or spits on it, and you know kids never wash their hands and that they touch everything including picking their noses, and im supposed to eat whatever they touch, it wont happen. Its just nasty to me and if this year it happens again I will say something because it really isnt fair to do that and the kids need to know to not put their fingers into food that everyone is supposed to eat. They say that kids are cleaner and i beg to differ because adults clean their hands several times a day or more and know more about hygiene, kids wash their hands like once a day maybe. we all got together to make cookies and all his nieces and nephews were helping but I felt uncomfortable because they were disgusting me. they were wiping their noses and touching the cookie dough, they didnt wash thier hands and one of them kept eating the dough and then putting it back into the rest of the dough, Call me crazy but i like clean food, I only took some home with me to not cause problems but i ended up throwing them out several weeks later. it jsut bugs me like i know you love your kids and think they are clean but reality is no their hands are covered in germs and to cook or bake everyone including kids need to wash their hands, and for digging into food with thier fingers, they need to address that. Also keep the kids away from the bday cake so they dont spit or sneeze all over it. 


May 8, 2014 at 2:27 am

I’m sorry – I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle when i read that. Not to say that I didn’t empatize with you as I completely hear you. Parents find it hard not to see their children as angels as to them they are. Also, I am guessing that they’re so used to their kids sneezing/coughing all over the place at home etc (as they do I know) that they become desensitized to it all.

April 5, 2015 at 1:32 pm

It sounds like lots of kids with no manners, I wish there was a tactful way of saying something, I cant think of any. I dont blame you.

Maybe say your cakes always look so good but if any kid puts their fingers into it or sneeze on it I cant eat it, why dont we have an adults only party, have them leave the brats at home. ????