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January 10, 2019 at 5:56 am

When people start their career in Forex, they have high expectations of the industry. From books and on websites which denotes the easiness to make money. You simply invest money to open an account, then start placing live trade and you make a profit. They read all of this news and they make an imaginary picture of the market. They think they can have big wins and can change their lives. It does not happen that easily. Many traders get depressed in a very short time. Lack of acceptance for any small wins bothers the traders. This article will tell why you need to be happy with your small profits. It may not be much but they give you the comfort you are on the right track of developing your skill.


Aiming for the big winners

The retail traders don’t really understand the importance of consistent profit making trading system. If you trade with a big lot you might be able to make some huge profit from this market but this will never world in the long run. Try to develop yourself as a professional trader based on your trading skills. Forget about the big winners and try to make a small but consistent profit. Being a fulltime UK trader you must be satisfied with the amount of money you make from this industry. Instead of trading with a big lot, try to trade the market with high-risk reward trade setups. This simple technique will help you to make a huge profit even though you will be trading with small lots.


Random outcome of the markets

Leading your dream life based on the Forex trading profession is a very complex task. The moment you step into the retail trading industry is the moment you start challenging yourself. Never try to become a Forex millionaire without doing any hard work. Be prepare for the random outcome from each trade since the market is totally unpredictable. Trading is all about all probability. Unless you prepare yourself for the losing trades you will not be able to survive in this industry. Read a lot to learn more about this market to deal with such losing trades. Try to trade with logical decision to become a better trader.


How many traders make the profit in Forex?

As there is an investment of your own money, you know the answer. Only 5% of traders can make the profit in the biggest industry in the world. All the other traders lose their money. If you think you want thousands of dollars from your trades, remember you are among the lucky few who have the chance to make a profit. If the profit is only 1 dollar, you still should be happy. Your profit will increase depending on your skill and knowledge. For the first few months, your goal is to make a profit but not to think of the amount. When you can make an improvement, you can start placing big trades and increase the amount.


A profit is a profit

When people give you a gift on your birthday, it should not be sad knowing that you have got only small and simple ones. You do not have any cars or houses got as gifts. Be humble and appreciate every one. A profit is also like a gift from the industry. Do not expect it will give you all the money and you will create a history. Even if you have made only a few dollar profits, be happy and learn to enjoy the amount. A winning is legit, regardless of the amount that you have got.


Few droplets make the oceans

If you are unhappy with your tiny wins, always keep in mind that the ocean is made from droplets. It looks vast and there are gallons of water but it has been made from the small amount of water. Even if the profit is tiny, the amounts can add up to a big amount.