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March 10, 2014 at 1:21 pm

My best friend and i have known each other since middle school and we are both 24 now. throughout the whole friendship i felt second best to her and although we had other friends, she claimed i was her best friend/sister but never invited me out, instead id see her with our other friends and people. when i told her why i wasn't invited her answer was ALWAYS i didn't think you could come out… i finally told her if im not a part of her social life than why call me her bff or sister? she gets upset and doesn't speak to me for a few days and then we make up.. well one day in high school i was venting to one of our other friends about how im never included in anything she does and it really hurts me and that i was sick of it all. so this person goes and tell my bff i was talking shit about her when i wasn't, really i was stating that i was upset at not being involved with her life and im hurt by it.. so my bff stops talking to me for a few weeks and i figured i was better off without a person like this in my life. until she comes to my house and apologizes and tells me that person was being fake and told her lies and things i never said to her. so we made up again.. then when college comes around i stay in TN and she moves to MI for college, we barely talked and when she was in town she barely told me about it and i found out through other people she is in town. when we would hang out she would show me pictures of how drunk and crazy she was getting in MI and i felt like she was throwing it in my face because i wasnt a part of it. i left my family and she never bothered to call or text me to check on me, she stated that i needed my space, no what i needed was my bff to help me through it. i would call and text her and she would always reply “who is this?” and i felt so unloved and small that i eventually felt like whats the use, until i get this long ass text from her pretty much saying i left her behind…. ???? are you serious? i tried and tried to get a hold of you  and you just reply who are you? of course i will forget about it after a while of being dissed by you. we then made up again and now barely ever talk to eachother… my question is , Is this what BFFS are supposed to act llike?

May 1, 2014 at 9:56 pm

No this is not how a BFF is supposed to act, in fact tbh it looks like she's taking your kindness for a weakness and it looks as she's ashamed to hang out with you? leave her she's fake smh

May 7, 2014 at 2:28 pm

We only have a short time of this earth – spend it with people that you love and they love you.