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June 12, 2015 at 12:54 pm

<b>Got home just after 5 pm – frail care mother waiting and 6yr old sisters grand child in tow – child hungry and I made nice stew last night – oh well I though so anyway – one bite later a request for 2 minute noodles were made – she got up to run around to their house to ask parents to set her TV link to my home on kiddies program – came back crying mommy still  having her afternoon nap and daddy say no watching his program and not getting up – came back crying – now remember I just had a 7 to 5 day behind me. While she went to get channels changed I attended to her 2 minute noodles and cup of coffee – now with child crying in room the electricity tripped – I stormed out tojust get the freaken channel set for kid – when I walked into their house daddy is standing because he had to switch the tripped circuit breaker on – if you just switch the chanel in first place to kids program for child sonething tripped electricity so that you had to get up – I went in and set tv – mum came yawning out of room – need to get ready for barbecue at grandmothers home – back at home I try to relax and drink cup of coffee and watch Days of your lives with mum – praying that girls parents call her to go to grandmother – at 6 I said to her come you must go home for your family dinner – when we got next door not a sole at home – went without daughter – 20:30 they sent son to collect her oh what I failed to mention is that I had her and brother from 14:00 with me while working – they don’t ask and just take it for granted – different senarios but same situation every working day and weekends night and days – how the heck do I change this without letting kids feel not welcome – I NEED BREAKS too</b>