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December 28, 2015 at 10:35 pm


<p style=”margin: 0in; font-family: Calibri; font-size: 11.0pt;”>Many people suffer from people body shaming them. I once got told I was fat and I know I wasn’t at the time. He just told me I was fat. It killed me inside. I ate very little for about a week or so until my friend Kaylee got onto me. I have never forgot the day that this kid told me I was fat. I never forgot how I believed him even though I was not nor am I now fat. Right now this present day I feel grosser then ever. I feel like im disgusting . If I get too big then I will be gross. If I get too skinny I will be too bony and gross. Nothing will work for me. I hate when my boyfriend will touch me or something and he can somewhat feel my bones but I also hate my stomach. Its gross, I have that stupid fat roll line. Its gross and makes me feel horrible about myself. I need to exercise and get myself into shape but im really lazy. I need to quit body shaming myself. Its not healthy. I need to stop living in this world that I think I should be perfect for my boyfriend. He already loves the way I look. I also hate myself in my face and my hair. I hate everything about myself. I wanna move and start over again. Turn myself into somebody I wanna be able to look at myself and not hate me in any way. I wanna be free of feeling like shit and like im ugly because im not as pretty as other girls. I honestly feel like my boyfriend will break up with me over me being ugly… But he will make a different excuse like how de doesn’t feel anything anymore. I don’t want that to happen. He is the only person that calls me beautiful and I think may actually mean it. I don’t wanna stop typing but I need to im at a friends house and I don’t wanna start crying.</p>


April 10, 2016 at 6:02 pm

People are just so rude and stupid. How can they body shame someone or bully a smaller kid and then fell fine about it? I once said some mean things to one of my friends that I was fighting with and felt so bad that it kept me up at night. I wrote a 4 page long apology. It just shows how much one stupid and ignorant person’s words can affect someone so greatly. I hate the person that body shamed this innocent person but I also feel bad so them. They only hurt because they have been hurt. This is usually the case with bullies. So the true question is: what can we do about this?