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December 24, 2012 at 3:51 pm

So I'm not the most attractive guy out there and i know that and i havent had many girlfriends, barely more than being able to say i can count all of them on 1 hand. That being the case i gotta say that im one who falls in love easily which i hate. So in my church i had this friend who brought this girl to youth group and after two weeks of being there she told me she liked me (btw im a christian metalhead and so is she and shes like the perfect girl for me and i fell in love with her after we started going out) so we started going out and she started acting weird after awhile and i asked her if something was wrong and she kept saying no nothings wrong. i would only get to see her on thursdays and weekends and the next time i saw her in person at church she seemed distant we then hung out that next saturday and seemed even more distant (and earlier that day i asked her friend amanda who brought her to church if she was mad and she said: not that i know of ill let you know) towards me and after i left the party where amanda and my gf were amanda texted me saying that yeah she was mad at because i was being too clingy) so that sunday i decided to give her some space and wasnt going to text her for a couple days and surprisingly she texted me that same day still acting weird so me being in a situation where her best friend has told me shes mad at me and i cant let her know i know that shes mad at me so i asked her whats wrong as if i didnt know and she started going into how she wasnt happy anymore and how she thought she was happier being friends so she broke up with me and she wouldnt give me a second chance which with all due respect because i did fall for her is freaking stupid because its not like i made out with another girl infront of her but she broke up with me on sunday and i didnt text her until thursday because we were going to see each other at church and because i thought she was mad at me so i sent her a message giving her an apology if i had been annoying and how i wanted to stay friends and she didnt answer me and she still had my jacket when i got there her and amanda were the first ones i saw and she looked at me and i was about to say hi and she turned around giving me the cold shoulder and later that night amanda gave me my jacket back instead of my ex so i thought she was really mad at me and didnt even try talking to her. On sunday i didnt go to church because i was busy and i got a text from my youth pastor saying that there were rumors going around that id sent her and called her some really mean and hurtful thing so i got pissed off there was a rumor so i didnt text her to her until tuesday and she wasnt the one that started the rumors and we straightened things out and i apologized because it had turned out that my word choice with what i had said to her made it look like i was trying to make her feel bad and she forgave me and it was a little awkward the next day we were texting and i still felt like an as**ole so i apologized again and she said to stop bringing it up and i texted her the next friday and it was going great and i was asking her what she wanted to do when we hang out and we were talking about when we were going to and then she said im not sure if my mom will let me hangout with you which i thought was weird because her mom really liked me and i know i should have asked does she not like me anymore but instead i asked why and she said she was going to be hanging out with her dad against her will so i said youre going to hang out with him all break and she said yeah and i in a completely joking way including jk and a 😛 smiley said are you sure its cuz you dont wanna hang out with me lol 😛 jk and she said im sorry i have a family life and she never responded after that and im really depressed because i know im not going to get her back but i want to stay friends with her but this depresses me