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July 28, 2011 at 11:55 pm

When something is so good in your life that you think to yourself, wow. I am so lucky.. You get that feeling that nothings going to change, and you just feel like the happiest person out their.. it really hurts when something makes that good feeling dissappear.. It makes you say 'Why the hell do things have to change? Why cant those good and happy feelings stay that way forever?' Being in a relationship with someone and things being so great, getting that feeling of “hes the one”… Its like being happy to wake up cause reality is actually better than your dreams.. To go from that to, waking up and worrying wheather or not something bad is gonna be said or happen.. Is like being shot in the eye, wondering if things are ever gonna be the same again or if your ever gonna see clear again… Of course theres gonna be some ups and downs, which might change things.. but that doesnt mean things cant go back to the way they were… so why wont they?!?!? why are things still not the same?!?!?! its killing me! Cry