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September 26, 2012 at 10:58 pm

Seriously think he is a dick. Ugh! He says one thing and is thinking another. I am supposed to be a fucking mind reader. Head games!!’ He weaves webs of logic into a personally beneficial perspective and tells me he thinks its retarded when I bring it up later. The situation… I find out he hasn’t seen season 6 of Dextor. We decide to watch the first 4 together over a couple of nights. He is tired and wants to crash at the end of episode 4. I ask him if he cares if I watch the next one? He says no and goes to bed. Headgames set in…so I watch the next one assuming he will watch the other one another time. Whatever. So I watch a couple more and go to bed. The next day…he complains because I jumped ahead without him. All of which could have easily been avoided if he had simply said No, Wait for me, I am going to bed and want to watch the next one with you soon. Instead he told me he didn’t care and is tired and going to bed. I even asked him if he was sure and he said yes! So here he is now claiming I was suppose to read his mind or have prior knowledge that I should have never asked the question to begin with and known to wait for him. He also argued that I ruined it by even asking to begin with. And said i should know that i can only watch a tv series with him for now on!! wth??? He claimed it hurt his feelings so he said no. fucking tucked his invisible tail between his legs a went bed. thought bubble: if it hurts your feelings fucking tell me! i am not a fucking mind reader and asked out of consideration. figured you really didnt care when you said no. Conclusion: controlling mind game bullshit: I have to re watch them with him. What a dick!! All he had to say was dont watch it. Lets watch them together. I would have been ok with it. this is a sample of the shit I am going to have to deal with marring him..!!! Ugh!! I am doomed. This bullshit is lame. I seriously think he has no consideration for me and seems to truly enjoy fucking with me because I am nice. What the fuck!! What is the point of even asking a simple question if the answer you get is complete and total bull shit. He is turning out to be a passive aggressive liar. I definitely can’t put up with that shit. Would rather be alone. For real!!! If someone asked me a question I would fucking answer honestly. He is a drama queen! Fucking can’t stand dumb people. Getting cold feet about this whole wedding thing. Really want spend the rest of my life with someone honest, who will speak there mind. Respect me as i respect them. I am considerate and wouldn’t fucking lie or say one thing when I really felt another way completely!! WhAt the hell? Is he five? Ugh. This is a perfect example of the bullshit I have to put up with for the sake of “love”. If you really love someone don’t you make an effort to at the very least consider what the person you love may be feeling? Apparently I wasn’t supposed to bring it up? Just sit there and fucking hold his hand while I rewatched Dexter with him for the second time. Yaaay fucktard! i swear he has the emotional evolution of a child! A fucking brat! Thought bubble number two: this shit sucks!!! He is lame πŸ™ feeling hopeless and know I deserve better. Shit. This guy is shady. I am less the 2 months away from marrying him and he laughed at me tonight when I said I don’t even have a ring. He claims he got one for me but I guess he doesn’t really want me to wear it or else I would be. Right? He doesn’t love me. It’s obvious. If he was really ready to commit and get engaged he would have proposed already. I can’t believe I am planning a wedding. Spending my parents money telling all my relatives I am getting married and my future husband doesn’t even make an effort to propose! I need to call off the wedding. Pay back my mom and dad and apologize to my family for getting cold feet. This just isn’t working. I guess I am going to be a single mom after all πŸ™ this sucks! I need to get a good job tomorrow. I can’t commit to a him. It’s obvious he really is more interested in head games then the bigger picture. I would have been so good for him too. His loss. Looks like I’ll be moving again πŸ™ I have faith that I will end up with a man who appreciates me and treats me right. Doesn’t jerk me around and take me for granted. He thinks I am stupid. Pfft! Feeling is mutual! I am out! Done.