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December 11, 2016 at 9:33 am

Ok Im going to try to be short here.

So I am currently studying business and I thought it would be fun and I would grow as a person but none of that is happening. Business is interesting but the way theyre making me study is not.

So I thought of transferring to a college in the US because I know studying business there is just another experience. And I actually got to know if I continue studying here till 21(we have 3 year degrees) then i’ll get a boring mediocre job and then eventually get married at 24-25 ish which is not what i want from life. I wanted to travel and explore before i settle down and from the job i’ll get here it wont be possible.

So not only do I want to go but then I’m scared what if I miss my family. And if I go for postgrad, I’ve heard I need work ex, so I’ll leave at 25 when I know it won’t be possible.

But then college in US is so damn expensive.

Last but not the least I feel that what if a part of me wants to go because my ex lives in the US.

But I want to study there, ofc I won’t go where he lives. Then its fine right?

Idk I feel so confused it would be great if you guys help me on anything which is written here.

Thanks a lot!!!