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April 19, 2014 at 12:11 pm

I was at an ice skating rink with my friends and we were all skating around having a good time when all the sudden i hear that my BEST FRIEND/CRUSH was kissing my friend.. she knows i like her and that im in love with her.. and once she found out i was upset, she followed me around for 20 minutes saying sorry, sorry, sorry. she gave me a kiss on the cheek to try to make up for her kissing him on the lips a total of 5 times but to be honest it didnt make me any happier. Im still  upset and her and my friend might date now. she asked me if she should date him and idk what else im supposed to say… no? that wouldnt be ok. The only thing i have to say is yes. I would feel horrible if she didnt date him because of me… she may be my best friend and crush but i still want her to be happy even though im a bit upset with her. and if she doesnt wanna be happy with me i hope its with someone else because thats what love is right? not caring about how shes happy but just the fact shes happy.