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July 18, 2013 at 4:11 pm

I would say friend, but I am decidedly NOT your friend right now. You are all over my last nerve and driving me crazy. I don;t know why you choose to deal with your craziness by unleashing it on my phone by announcing that you are moving out, but I would like to bash you in the head with one of Wreck-It-Ralph's forearms until you disappear. 

You're making me nuts and I want to physically injure you. It's a good thing I was total crap at Tai-bo or you would be in a world of hurt, my friend. You really suck, am not in a way that I would want. Just disappear. I am going home, taking a bath, getting drunk, and passing out. If you come into my room tonight, I will bite you – and not in a good way.