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October 25, 2011 at 10:07 pm

Due to unforseen circumstances, I had to find new roommates last minute. I thought I found reliable, stable, clean, friendly people to live with… NO!

Not even a month in an I found out the exact opposite of these people.

  • They're up late at night sometimes until 3am laughing and carrying on. 
  • They leave raw, uncooked meat on the kitchen counters  for over a day. 
  • There's a dead pet bird of their's in the freezer and has been there for almost four months.
  • The kitchen is a disaster zone, every day, and stays that way. Various spills are left there and dirty dishes.
  • Not only was there a MOTH infestation (200+ moths, everywhere) but now there is an ant take over.. (wonder why..)
  • If they leave for the night, their dog will not shut up, at all, and barks non stop. It will not quiet down after an hour or so, it just continues to yap and whine and bark until they come back.
  • Their dogs pees and poops on the carpet, especially pees if it is startled or excited.
  • They have boxes and boxes of stuff that they just cant bring themselves to either put away, or sell. So instead a good chunk of the dining, living, kitchen and storage area are taken up by random boxes of things.
  • I work over 40 hrs a week, and I can't even play my favorite MMORPG in my down time to relax, because they eat up the bandwidth between the two of them with their various facebook accounts, skype, and other social networks all running on their own computers.

I'm desperately trying to find a new roommate, but I'm petrified I'll end up trapped with people just as bad as these!Cry