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February 4, 2013 at 9:30 pm

Let me start off by saying Im Gay and this is about my relationship with my ex or whatever the hell he is right now. So after what I think is the best relationship of my life, I find out HE was on Craigslist atleast for 2 weeks prior posting ads for sex ALONG with nude pics taken in our apartment. Needless to say that particular nite I BEAT HIS ASS, because I’m like you dirty muthafucker Im not only faithful, you could bring me something home. Needless to say he acted like ONE OLE BITCH about it, talking about-“I’ve never been in a fight before.” and acting like he’s scarred for life or some shit. He even tried to get a final protective order against me because he ERRONEOUSLY thought that that was gonna shield him from being liable for the February rent with me . HE FAILED I GOT OUTTA THAT CHARGE HA HA BITCH, but now he gonna call me tonite becuz he is worried about the damn rent being paid because its due tomorrow and he can only afford half, and I don’t have shit because this dumb ass nowhere ass job is acting like I gotta go thru FUCKIN hoops to even start!!! Ugggh so yes I still luv the muthafucka and the convo went into a possible reconciliation, and his big 6’2, 200 lbs former star athlete Theo Huxtable acting ass is gonna continue with this bullshit about you hit me, you hit me!!!! Grow some FUCKING BALLS IT WAS A FUCKING ACT OF PASSION U DIRTY BITCH, I’M NOT FUCKING IKE TURNER!!!! I never hit your ass before nor am I that type of crazy muthafucka, but when I get home at 3 in the morning and your car is outside yet your not in, yet your fucking laptop is on the bed WITH the computer unlocked with A CRAIGSLIST PROFILE WITH YOUR NAKED ASS ON THERE IN OUR BATHROOM ASKING SOMEBODY TO RIDE YOUR DICK FOR A COUPLE MINUTES-HOW THE FUCK WOULD YALL BE WHEN HIS DUMB ASS CAME IN TALKING ABOUT I HAVE NEVER CHEATED ON U!!!__