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January 12, 2012 at 8:11 pm

So at my school in choir we have this big little program. I'm a little. By big is a senior so i would think that she would be excited to exchange presents and everything because its her last year and everything. But no. Every 2 weeks i give her sometime ive either bakes/bought/decorated and of course i expect something in return since this is supposed to be a 2 way street. but no. since the beginning of the year, i have been the only one making an effort to get to know the other person. She hasnt given me anything besides the only thing that she was required to give me. Im fed up.


Next on the choir topic. my best friend bakes. she bakes these nice cakes and everyone loves them and of course her. so this senior, lets call her marley, is really famous in choir and everything and my baking friend, call her cake, is really obsessed with her. well we both like her a lot and think shes cool. i had the idea of making her some brownies because she made this state choir. so cake signed her name on them too. and then lovely timing, it was cakes birthday. and keep in mind that marley me and cake are all friends and that it was my idea to give her brownies(that i made) and a christmas cake(which she liked and was my idea) and cake basically gets all the credit. its not freaking fair. its like every time i try to do something nice someone else gets all the credit. so back to the birthday. marley texts me and askes what kind of things cake likes. i answer thinking that she asked cake what kind of things i liked so that she could get the both of us something. i should have known i was wrong. she was just getting cake something for her birthday because she loves her ohhhh sooooo much. yeah. and what about lil ol me here? the one with the ideas? the one who made the brownies and the cake and like EVERYTHING  else happen?! forgotten? yeah im used to it now, thanks cake and marley.


it seems like every time i do something either nothing back happens to me or i get the wrong idea, get my hopes up, and then have them crushed.


i know there are people out there who have way bigger problems than me but right now i feel like breaking down because im just really upset about all this.