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June 3, 2011 at 8:11 pm

Now I'm not saying how I am is perfectly healthy. I am a 5'ft9 200 plus girl.

My dad, who knows as much about me that can fit in the palm of my hand.

Tonight my dad said something about my weight and what I eat. Now what I am mad at is, that he does not know how strong my will power is. I also mentioned that I was always big, every since I was young, and he argues that! He would have had a back up to his statement, but he was –NEVER– there in the doctor's office, seen me tear up at 8 years old. My mom was.  My mom heard me seriously say I am on a diet at 8 years old.  He wasn't there to see me get into drama, dance, band, step team, tai chi, rifle team, drill team, yoga, bushido, and other things. All of which I got in to, because I liked it, not for fitness or diet purposes. I have a strong body.  My dad wasn't there when I was in middle highschool , getting teased with out having to do much but walk into class by guys, the gender I was also around that age becoming expectedly attracted to.  He was there when I could home and get the same teasing from cousins or siblings.  They would say so many things, and I have kept so much in. I have made it to the senior year of college. I have passed tv broadcast classes, been on stage, and done many other things. All despite my size. I don't take up alot of space. I am helpful around the house and respectful. I still do many active things including my yoga and stretching, because I love it. I can kick high (up to my own forehead) and bend backwards. My dad doesn't see this either. He asks me about anything I have done. I don't eat pork, I love fruits and cook most of my meals, if not my roommate does. I guess what I'm trying to say is that yes I am heavy in my body but not in my behavior and not in my ideals and aspirations and my dad has never even expressed any want to know that, he didn't live with mom and us until I got into highschool and most of what I think I know (how to fix things around the house or cook or shot) I did not learn from him. I love my dad, but he doesn't know 98% of what has happened to me or what I have done in my life so far. He hasn't even seen me spar