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July 14, 2010 at 10:30 am

Recently my boyfriend of two years said that we should stop dating and find ourselves and see about a relationship when we go to the same college in january. And yeah it hit kinda hard because Im still in love with him and he's in love with me. But he says that there is too much pressure on him from our family and friends saying we should get married because we are or were such a great couple. He said he needs to get the junk out of his system and have no worries holding on to him for a while so he can be completely selfish for a while and get it out of his system. To make himself what he wants to be. However he and i have been talking and he is now decided to try other girls… other girls… that was like a punch to the face as i thought we werent going to be doing that. He says that he wants to see what he can do because im only his second girlfriend and he doesnt know his own abilitys in that area. He wants to use them as an experiment to see if he can get a response from doing things to a girl. He is ccurrently experimenting on this fat ugly twilight loving girl because she is his room mates, girl toys, friend and she is an easy target. He doesnt even like her which i should further take as a sign that i should get over it but how can I? He is giving her MY kisses My touches saying sweet words that are supposed to be only for MY ears!! MINE he's promised himself to me but January is so far away so Im forced to know that this is happening while he's finding himself. he says weather shes there or not means nothing to him, she lives far away and he likes that cause he doenst have to see her often. but what i cant get is why he has to do this. He says his main focus is working on himself and having sex with a slut is just a bonus, ok he didnt say slut but i sure did. and he keeps saying if i cant handle it i can leave but thats not an option for me I am so in love eith him I have to see it through I have to I have no choice. Its just the hardest thing ive ever gone through in my life it hurts so bad and he wont change his mind aout it.

August 15, 2010 at 4:56 am

Nothing worse than that feeling of rejection. All those questions like, 'why wasn't I enough?Didn't you love me?' circulating in your head. But you do have to let him go, don't let those feelings hold you back from enjoying your life. I know it's not easy because I have been there, but don't waste your time being sad as there are so many great experiences out there. It sounds like he just needs to get it out of his system which is normal, especially for guys, and the unfortunate thing is that your will have to let him go and give him space for both of your sakes. Life does go on and wounds do heal over time. 

I had a messy breakup with a girl I loved and looking back I wish I just put more effort into enjoying my life, the supposedly best years of my life, and moving on. 

Wish you well

February 17, 2011 at 6:42 pm

distance yourself from him physically and emotionally. If you know so much of what he is doing and who he is seen, etc you are just hurting yourself. If you can travel. Meet other people. Who knows what can happen later on. But right now, is your time to enjoy life.