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June 15, 2011 at 10:40 am

If you're looking for work, or even if you're not and these shit-heads approach you – tell them to FUK off!!! They're the most unbelievably unprofessional bunch of fukwits I have ever been in contact with.


This is the interview confirmation I received which all seems to be fine:


Dear xxx,


As per our earlier telephone conversation, I have the pleasure of being able to confirm that Forman IT have secured you an interview with our client BGC Partners, in relation to their vacancy for a xxx.


Please find the details of this interview below for your perusal and acceptance (I will need you to reply ASAP confirming that you WILL be in attendance as required and that you WILL keep the client name / details strictly confidential).


Contact:                                               Nathan Chapman – Wintel Manager (London)

                                                                Scott Heasman – Global Wintel Director                                              

Client:                                                  BGC Partners                                                  

Interview Date:                                xxx                               

Interview Time:                               xxx

Position:                                              xxx

Interview Location:                      
 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London
E14 5DW

Type:                                                     xxx

Additional Notes:                          
Our client operates a formal dress policy, so please ensure that   you are correctly attired for the interview (i.e. Suit, Shirt, & Tie).


Please see attached a copy of the job description; can I please ask that you familiarise yourself thoroughly with this document as well as the web link provided above.


Should you need any further information or need to inform us of any changes to the above, please do not hesitate to contact me on
one of the numbers below.


Thank you once again, and good luck.



Kind Regards

Stephanie Cubitt
Senior Business Development Manager
Forman IT

DDI:                         01444 237214
Mobile:                   07887 828893
Switchboard:       0870 033 9508
 Fax:                        01444


However, it goes down from there! If any company uses these industry losers then all I can say is they're stupid and it reflects badly on them!

The people that I had dealt with were:

Stephanie Cubitt – a short fake tanned bitch! If lying is a profession, then she'd she'd be the CEO

Anthony Howard – Reeves – (Mobile: 07949 167756) Actually never met the guy in person, only over the phone and via email. He is VERY unprofessional.

These fukwits are why IT Agencies have such a bad name!