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August 30, 2012 at 4:40 pm

Maybe just because it’s Thursday….maybe just because school just started back (I’m a teacher) and everything is a hectic unorganized mess right now…or maybe I’m just being a flat out bitch tonight, but whatever the reason, I need to vent!

I absolutely love my job, but I have to admit it can be challenging…people think its so easy to be a Teacher well I’m here to say its NOT! No matter what is going on in your life and no matter how frustrated you are, you have to make complete 180 and turn that smile on when those students walk through that door. That said, I work 7 to 3 and then 3 to 5 tutoring five days a week….

So needless to say its so very dissapointing when over a third of my paycheck is gone the second I get it…I know welcome to the real world…but still!! And let me go ahead and say it, I’m a “young’n” (23) and so when I see all my friends who never work getting flowers from their husbands and boyfriends “just cause” and taking off on a FOUR day weekend….not to mention going somewhere fun and fabulous….well it just makes me want to scream at my oh-so-unromantic-fiancé who thinks a Nuwave Oven is what every girl dreams of.
And do you want to know what glamorous plans I have for my labor day weekend…well I’m going to tell you anyway….I will be house sitting for my parents while they are off on their boat! Yep. Because they don’t trust my 28 year old brother….WHO STILL LIVES WITH THEM….to watch the house and feed the dogs!
To top off my day, I get yelled at my irritating elderly neighbors for not having my dog on a leash. Look you old bitch my 15 fucking pound Boston Terrier…who is also a trained therapy dog….doesn’t want anything to do with your ass or your ugly fucking shi zu! I can’t wait for the letter from my HOA which I’m sure will be coming soon….

Why does it feel like I did everything right…went to college, got a honest job….but yet I’m always on the losing side of life?