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November 1, 2012 at 3:03 am

hello all, new here but i had to do something before i lost my mind.

ive known this girl for years. about 12 to be exact and i love her. now here are my problems. first of all its a long distance relationship and i know everyone says they dont work. i really wanna believe otherwise but yeah, everyday im more and more skeptical. see i live in california and she lives in colorado. and no we have never met. i want her AND her kids! who can say that their willing to do that? my thing is im tired of being alone. and i dont think i can take it anymore. this sucks. so many times we've come close to seeing each other but nope. always something! and on top of that i cant tell if shes being completely truthful to me. i wanna believe it but really ill never know. so frustrated! tired of being a third wheel to my friends and family. the holidays are coming up and here goes another family get together where im all alone. people are going to start thinking im gay! i dont know how much more i can take!