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August 3, 2013 at 8:14 pm

So I'm kinda sentimental and my best friend is not. That's fine. I give him too much attention and he doesn't give me enough. I really miss him this summer and I texted him early July but he has not responded, and since it's on facebook I know he's seen it. For now I'm letting him have his space but I don't think it's fair for him to just go and “take a break” from me (as he's done in the past) whenever he wants. 


Also, we're in a group of 4 friends (Let's call my best friend 'E,' and the other two friends 'B' and 'J'), and E likes us all equally, so he says, but gives the other two more attention than he gives me. In addition, B and J definitely like me the least, and give me next to nothing in attention unless E is there. 


I'm really tired of missing E and wanting to hang out with him, but if I push the issue he'll just get mad. 


It's not a big deal, and I'd say E and I have an amazing friendship, like, we're really really close, but we're always having troubles like this, and if someone could just say something to reassure me, make me feel better, or ideally solve the problem I'd be ever so grateful.


~Shcuf Stuff


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March 13, 2014 at 11:19 am

ok you may not like what im going to say but i think its for the best… True friends do not get mad or upset when you simply ask them a question of why are we not hanging out so much or why have you not replied to my text or facebook message or anything like that indicating your friendship status. if your best friend or friend is always too busy to hang with you but hangs out with other people… they are not your true friend. if your best friend takes days or even weeks to reply to your message or text… they are not your true friend… if your best friend gets mad when you ask them about your friendship value…they are not your true friend. if your best friend needs space from you all the time… they are not your true friend. if you are giving more into the friendship and he is not… not a true friend. friendships work both ways and if you are always the one trying and the other person isnt even trying… not a true friend, in a way its like they are taking advantage of you. i am only commenting because i felt similar to how you feel, my bff i feel doesnt treat me as good as i treat her… bffs are supposed to include you in everything they do as far as hanging out and having fun, instead she would invite our other friends and not me so that tells you right there im not what she says i am. calling me her bff was not believable to me because i was 2nd best compared to our other friends. but anyways yeah by your message i feel he is not a true friend of yours. best friends do alot together and have a very strong bond, i dont know if thats what you two have.,.. you dont need people like that in your life, you deserve a friend who will put as much into the friendship as you do.