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July 7, 2011 at 9:09 pm

I just have to get this off my chest.  I work with the public every day, and I am just amazed at how often I see people who are rude, disrespectful, and downright hateful to their parents.  I have seen adults cussing at their parents, and rushing them along.  One horrible daughter whose mother was suffering from cancer told her mother that she was tired of taking care of her!  What the hell?  I wonder how many times that mother was tired of taking care of that daughter as she screamed all night, dirtied countless diapers, and later kept her mother awake until all hours wondering when she would be home?  How disgusting!  Then there are the teenagers who talk just any old way to their parents.  They don't listen, they argue, and they cuss like sailors right in front of mom and dad.  No respect.  I don't know why the parents put up with it, but I have a feeling that what I hear is only a fraction of the disrespect and bad attitudes that these parents face every day.

When I was a teenager, I remember going to visit my maternal grandmother.  She was in her 80's at the time, and yes, she was slow moving, told the same stories several times, and it was a chore to help her do her grocery shopping sometimes, but my mother did it with complete patience, and love.  As did my aunt.  they loved her with all their hearts.  they respected her.  It was a natural thing to them to love their mother, and the whole time, they were teaching me a lesson.

Now, I am almost 40 years old, and my parents in their 70's.  My brother and I love them so much.  there is nothing we wouldn't do for them. And why not?  We would be nothing without them. They raised us, put us both through school, and even when we were grown, and on our own, if we ever needed help of any kind, they were there.  they taught us what family is about.  Whenever something bad has happened, they are there with a hug, and encouragement.  We owe them more than we can ever give.

Sure, my dad might call to talk to me when my favorite tv show is on, but I always stop and talk, because I am reminded every day that life is short.  We never know how much time we have together.  In fact, several years ago, my father almost died from heart problems, and I really think he would be gone today if it wasn't for the love of his family.  And yes, my mother has become her mother, and moves slowly, but thank God they have the ability to move and live on their own.  I pray they live well into their 90's as their parents did.

That is why the disrespect people show their parents these days just makes me sick!  Shame on them!  I'm not saying every parent is perfect, but they deserve respect! They deserve our time, and our care.  Put the petty things behind you, and go forward giving your parents love.  you never know how much time you have.  They are people and they are family.  I hope some of those horrible teenagers read this and change their ways, but I don't hold out much hope for that.  The best I can do is be an example.  And I intend to be the best daughter I can be to my parents for the rest of the time I have with them.  That's what they taught me to do.

August 7, 2011 at 3:16 am

       I'm a teenager and I have to agree and disagree, completely. I'm fucking working my ass off going to college early (I'm 16) and I'm planning to graduate when I'm 19 with a bachelor's degree. And I am completely happy that my parents can let me do this (even though I'm saving them about $20,000 in overall college fund for all those years). And yet I'm the child who gets shit on and yelled at.

       My mother always smothers me in fake love because really I know that she only loves me because I'm her daughter while she'll just shower my brother with praise and attention for FINALLY taking out the trash while I just cleaned a three story house by myself and hell MY BOYFRIEND even helped more than her! And all day long my brother just sits in his basement playing video games and smoking weed while he got my parents to pay for his college ($20,000 actually) while he failed all his classes.

      So yes, I get mad at my mother at the grocery store because she's freaking out if my father will “kill her” if she doesn't cook the right food or if her son would leave her if she burnt the steaks again. I'm glad you were raised in a family that actually loves each other, but for SOME of us “pissed off, rotten kids” we actually have reasons to hate our parents because they're aren't parents but just people we live with who pays for our things.

Btw, the chick who said that to her cancered mother will go to hell because she is a rotten teenager who's just a bitch.

August 22, 2011 at 4:40 pm

Sounds as if you are much more ambitious than your brother.  That's too bad.  There are some parents like that who just assume because you're so responsible they don't have to give you the praise that they do your brother.  they probably try to give him extra praise for stupid little things in hopes that he will want more praise and will turn his life around and do the responsible things you are already doing.  Then, lost in the fray is you who get no voice in things because they just assume you don't need the extra praise.  You are self-motivated.  That isn't correct thinking, but a lot of parents do it.  I have a friend who is doing all the right things, being married, working full time, raising her own kids, and not depending on her parents like her loser brother and sister do.  When she does need their help, her parents never can do it because they are so busy with her lazy siblings!  I know how you feel.

That  being said, you are very mature, obviously since you are already in college.  So, be the bigger person!  Don't yell at your mom at the grocery store, just laugh to yourself because if she's acting foolish, she's the one who looks stupid.  If you say something back, people will just assume you are a spoiled brat who makes your mom act that way.  Let her make a scene and look stupid all she wants, you will look like gold for being the mature kid who puts up with a crazy mom.  Much luck to you!  Sounds like you need it sometimes!