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May 3, 2012 at 7:39 pm

I dont really know how to explain this but as a freshman in highschool i met a guy named joey…he was my first kiss…when he kissed me was homecoming and the song “fall for you” by secondhand serenade played and when they sang “tonight will be the night that i will fall for you…” he kissed me…and it was just…he has my heart still even though i've moved on and have an amazing boyfriend….


he was in november of 2011 taken away from me by this girl :/ she would hit him when he wanted to go back with me..she forced him to love her…he eventually loved her? besides that…when i got him back which was june of 2011 he was different…and so weird…i later found out his friend *blank* decided to get him ADDICTED to drugs..he did everything you could imagine….roofie…meth…he shot up..coke…just bad things :/ and he was so helpless it made me sad…then she ruined it again and


decided to go out with this other girl from clear across town..i was over him obviously but i dont think he was over me..i guess we have always loved eachother but cant because of eachothers safety with people and threats…threw the girl and his guy friends….


he has TRIED TWICE to commit suicide 🙁 it made me cry..its because of that girl (who took him away from me) he admitted it and he was put in a physc ward and he was still addcited to drugs and kinda messed up :/ if ya know what i mean…he was GONE. i'm serious…he would another world and talk to himself….


later then i messaged his sister because i dont think his parents knew of all the drugs he did and i knew..


they put him disclosed to any friends for ONE year…well he's still on that one year but in august or so he will be able to be him again? i hope he isnt brain washed :/ i miss him so much..i still have the roses when he asked me to homecoming :/ i just dont know how to cope? ya know…i'm alwyas gonna have a spot for him in my heart…he was my first… 🙁


just had to get that out there