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February 18, 2013 at 7:08 pm

oh my god, WHERE DO I START?! Most people would be happy to have a family that LOVES them. But i personally cannot STAND THEM half the time.

Lets start with my grandaprents, shall we? Married 50 years and are old, which is cranky, ornery, controlling, Pain in the ass. i walk over and all they do is ask me questions that i dont have answers to and when do answer its with a simple I dont know.

My sister and brother are dumbasses too. my older sister (2 years) is dating a deadbeat who mooches off of her and my little brother (10 years younger) is an ungrateful little brat who always gets what he wants. Im the middle which means that no one gives a fuck about me.

And my mother (who i actually yelled and screamed at tonight) is the most emotional woman i have ever met. All she does is cook, bitch about the dirty house while drinking, clean when she should be relaxing, working, and all the while trying to kick me and my sister out. (but in the nicest way possible) And when she fights with jim, its to the WINE and crying

Jim (step-dad) is an ass too. He's ornery, cranky, works 3 days a week, and then complains about how tired he is (when im working about 40 a week with school) and doesnt help around the house either. Just like my dad who married another woman with two daughters and now we are actually okay.I used to hate him but now im finsing his house more comforting.

The fact taht i actually yelled at my mother, the woman who helps me and takes care of me, it felt pretty good. I was pissed off anf blew steam, but proably at the worst time.


Now i sit and wait. No questions to ask or answers to give. Just needed to vent and it feels pretty damn good