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July 30, 2012 at 5:41 pm

I have wanted a Siberian Husky for longer than 7 years now. I have planned every cost and amounted it to $1800 for the first 6 months, including $850 for the dog, from a breeder that lives nearby. This has been a passion in my heart and I often cry everynight not because I didnt get what I want, but because an uncontrollable voice cries within me, “I have worked myself into the ground, waited years, why won’t you satisfy my longings at last?”

My father says I cant get one “just because”. I have written a book on Huskies, and proved to him there is no reason I cant have one.

The Past Few Days:

I started doing some work for my moms business, she said she would pay me and she didn’t.
I put a large collection of a brand of retired toys for $300 on ebay, and my dad took it off and gave it for free to a girl who comes to my house just so she can use my ipad.
I got my end of the year tests grades, I am in 8th grade and every grade level was 13.0+ (above first year in college), I have done worse and gotten paid, and I didnt get paid for that.
I windexed the entire house, polished every piece of furniture, cleaned all there is to clean in this huge house, they noticed and I didn’t get a dime.

I have no friends to vent to, and if I tried to vent to some they wouldn’t even let me.

I have been living like this the past 7 years of my life and I am tired of it, not because “I want it now” but because crying myself to sleep everynight and getting in a bad mood all of the time ruins my health..

Though I never let anyone else see there is a problem.