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June 15, 2014 at 9:39 am

I am so fucking tired of bills!!!!!!  Everyone wants money from me and I just can’t get a break!!!!!!.  I moved cross-country to be with my fiance, took a shit ass job that doesn’t even pay a third of what I was making before and I just can’t keep up.  My credit is shot and my fiance has to pay alimony to his bitch of an ex-wife who he was only married to for 2 years, who sits on her ass and collects social security and disability and who lives in a nicer place than ours.  It’s ludicrous and I just want to survive at this point.  We don’t qualify for SNAP or any other programs because we both work full-time in retail (me as a sales associate and him as a manager).  This is so not where I saw myself in my 30’s.  My soon-to be ex-husband got everything because I was too nice and just wanted to get divorced and not fight over money or the condo we bought.  It’s been a year since the divorce was filed and I still have no divorce decree.  My car is probably going to be repossessed which means having to take the bus to work and a cab to do laundry and food shopping.  We can’t even get approved for an affordable car loan on a used car. Everyone wants to jerk us around.  Tried cutting costs on our cable and both Comcast and DISH just want to jerk us around.  Comcast owes me a $20 credit from a month ago that we are still fighting to get and then the keep changing our billing due date and the shut-off notices keep getting shorter and shorter.  I am at the point of telling everyone to go fuck themselves.  I just want to live stress free with the man that makes me happy. I gave up so much to be with my fiance:  I moved cross country to be with him, gave up a high paying job that was relocating to another state anyways, I took a shitty ass retail job since that was all that was available to me.  I have a college degree that I can’t even use and it jsut sucks.  No one will help us from either of our families and I am just stuck on what I can do at this point.  FML FML FML