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May 9, 2014 at 12:35 pm

I finally made an important decision that I hate dogs!!!! I had to dog-sit my sisters dog for a week the other month while she was on vacation and thought that it’d be quite nice to have a pet to hang out with as I live alone. But god after a day I just hated it! Firstly it stunk! That putrid dog stink that just doesn’t go away! It’s now a permanent feature on my sofa and bed (sister lets it sleep in her bed so it thought it could sleep in mine – big mistake). Also it just doesn’t leave me alone as it just sits there staring at me! When I watch TV, when I have dinner, when I have a shower! Also, the stupid mutt just yaps all the time! Shut the fuck up!!!! People say that dogs are intelligent! But god this one missed out as it’s fucking stupid!! One thing I didn’t mind though was taking it for walks as it’s quite nice having a reason to go for a walk but picking its shit up yuck!!! Also, other people who just let their dog shit everywhere are 100% losers! Grow the fuck up!!!!

i think I’ll buy a cat!



May 12, 2014 at 10:29 am

I agree on the part that dogs sometimes have that stink on them and that it drives me crazy! I will also say that not every dog smells like that, I have been around some dogs that stink so bad it made me gag, like smelled literally of feces. then i was around a few that didnt smell like anything. The owners who do not take care of their dogs, of course the dog will stink, they are not supposed to always stink, just like if you do not shower for days, you will stink. A dog cant take a shower, the owner needs to wash them properly and on a schedule. I was around my friends Pug who smelled so bad I fought myself not to puke when i went home because the smell was so strong. But my boyfriends sisters dog is so cute and she  doesnt smell bad. its because they wash her and take proper care of her. I love dogs, even if they smell bad it is not their fault. Dogs are man made, They are actually really smart but it all depends on their lifestyle and how the owner trained/raised them. Dogs look to humans for guidance and permission to do things, if the owner did not put in any effort to teach them, they will be out of control and bark constantly at people and be unsocial. i can understand some people do not like dogs, but maybe its because they do not understand them. it is easy to blame a dog for ripping up the couch, but ever wonder why they did it? there are so many breeds of dogs and different temperments, people often do not understand their dog and they become destructive, disobedient and often aggressive. All i am saying is if people took more time to train and teach their dogs, then there would be fewer problems like that.  German shepherds for instance need a lot exercise for they are a working breed, dont give it to them and they will rip up your couch, shoes, etc, and even become aggressive.  cats are ok but im more of a dog person because dogs are more interactive. We had a cat once and all she did was lye in the house like she owned the place, would kill mice and bring them indoors and never let us near her, we gave her to our neighbors when we moved to Nashville TN. She was too independent and mean.