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February 18, 2015 at 8:43 am

I am an international student in a Foreign country. I live on-campus. I am being sponsored by my mom.

I have to do internships to complete my course and I couldn’t get any. November 2014, I called my mum and told her things weren’t looking too good.

January 2015, no internship and I’m living on campus taking an online course and actively looking for  any job at this time. I was able to land two jobs although not internship. A family member contacts me and tells me to move to his home and says he would definitely help me secure an internship. My mom convinces me to go there and I agree. Its a bigger state.

I move all my belongings to a shady house in my city and pay 40 dollars a month to store it there. I then move to a completely different State to live with my family member. On Getting there, he asked me to cold-call all companies in his area to find a job. No Luck! This isn’t helping. It also doesn’t help that his house is deep inside the woods. There is no bus route and I don’t have a car to move around. There are no convenience stores or even a local coffee shop to apply for a job or walk to.

Today, I’m in my room taking a nap. I hear the baby’s voice. I wake up. My phone shows i have a missed call. Its my family member’s wife. she called 3 minutes ago. I run down and say i saw her call. She claimed her baby was in a dangerous position and was about to fall. So she called and i didn’t pick up and her baby fell. I have never in my life heard a mom seeing her baby in a dangerous position , walk up to her phone and call someone instead( I was upstairs, she could have called my name) of running to help her baby. I was called names by everyone for something stupid.

I am stuck in the house 24/7 w/o internship or a job. All I get are criticisms of what I did or didn’t do. My mom calls and says shes broke and wants me to work. She says i should go back to my city and get a job there. She also says she wont pay my rent and food and i should look for a friend to help me with rent and food. I find a man who’s willing at lease until i get a part time job.


Now I’m going back to my city with all my hopes on a man who i have never met. Only God will protect me. I don’t know why. If he doesn’t show up, then I’ll be homeless.


I just had to vent.

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