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February 5, 2012 at 12:37 pm

I have officially had enough of societies bullshit.  No joke.  When your born your told you can do anything, achieve anything, work hard, you make your life what it is…blaaa blaaa blaaa fucking blaaa.  BULLSHIT!  It's all lies and crap!  I am so sick and tired of this shit I would love to just start ripping people's heads off and the ONLY reason I haven't yet is because humans decided to make a stupid law (against natures law mind you) that your not allowed to kill anyone!  I didn't ask to be born I didn't ask to be shit on I didn't ask for anyone to have control over what I say, do, and feel, and I sure as hell didn't ask to be apart of the so called SOCIETY….civilized my ass.  Who fucking made you GOD.  I have kept on trying like a stupid fuck to do what everyone else in this world does to live and NOTHING EVER WORKS.  To the most recent ass holes who screwed me over and made it to where you effected my life…..not being able to eat and having the basics….only because you wanted to be an ass hole……I HOPE YOU DIE do me a HUGE FAVOR AND DROP DEAD!  WOOOO I hope 2012 does happen because it's going to be PARTY TIME FOR ME!  KISS MY ASS HUMAN SOCIETY…..I AM DONE WORKING MY ASS OFF JUST TO PLEASE YOUR STUPID INSANE SHIT WHILE I GET NO WHERE.Yell