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February 2, 2017 at 6:46 pm

So there’s this girl at work that, basically since I’ve met her, has bugged the hell out of me. I don’t wanna be mean and ditch her. I’m sure she could be an ok person. She jus seems so narcissistic. Everything that comes out of her mouth is about her or her problems.

And if its not her talking about her shiz, its her strutting around shaking her ass, showing a mile of cleavage and being all like, “I don’t like attention.”  She says that she talks so much about herself to raise her self esteem…??? is that even a thing? I have shit self esteem and I’ve tried talking about myself like she does. it feels so unnatural and awkward.

“I mean people think I’m attractive.” She’s said this. All I can think is she’s fishing for compliments.

And about her problems. Now don’t get me wrong, im sure its a hard life, but she’s always bringing up her autistic kid like she’s the only one whose going through this. Oh she didn’t get sleep, Oh its jus so hard and she doesn’t know what to do. Off and on all day, its this.

Complaining about her kid, then turning around and flirting, shaking booty, complaining she doesn’t like attention. Im jus so annoyed and tired of it!