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March 30, 2017 at 9:53 pm


I have been hating my life for awhile… Today I just got let go from my company that has been going under for awhile now.

I feel almost freed of it, but i have had a few glasses of wine (a bottle and a half) and I’m still not that upset about it… I mean I can get EI. it;s just terrible timing because I’m going on a trip to the UK in May… shoudl I cancel my flight to scotland and make a new one to Spain or where ever and just fucking extend my trip? I mean FUCK IT RIGHT

I’m 23 which i know is young but I feel ike I’ve fucked up so much and I need to move out fo my shitty apartment that is ruining my relationship with my bestfriend turned roommate and just gtfo for awhile. But what am I going to do? do I find a newjob that I hate or just chill for now?


I’m just rambling here, I haven’t told anyone I got laid off today yet and I just want to do yell it out. sorry for the terrible drunken grammar