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December 7, 2017 at 10:10 am

So im not new to venting, but i am new to venting to no one, anyone, and everyone at the same time. So I’ve tried blogging. I guess this is very similar. Just needing to let it out.

Once a pon a time I use to be popular and had alot of friends.

Once a pon a time i use to not care what others thought, or so i thought.

Once a pon a time I thought the world of the friends i had and family i will always have.

Once a pon a time I thought my boyfriend could do no wrong.

Once a pon a time I thought that i could help everyone.

I have been living in fairy tales since I was little.

Always thinking the best in people

Family friend strangers

Thinking love can love it all

That people are actually good.

And all that cam still be true but how often is this true is the problem.

Now I do believe that more then half ments this.

But it should be so much more.

I’m a good person. I set out to try to be as good as I can.

Sometimes thats not enough and i get stuck being the dumb nice one that wanted to save the world.

Everyone cant be saved.

But is everyone worth saving??

The question i ask everyday.

Once a pon a time I was a positive thinker

Now all I think about is the what ifs.

But I can make once a pon a time something real Right?

I have always believed that you need to have faith and hope and im trying to hold on to that.

Dreams and fairy tales are what uplift and make people feel good and safe.

So me venting made me realize that im a good person with good intentions and sometimes it may not work out the way you always wanted.

So let’s vent some more 😉