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February 25, 2012 at 12:11 am

So, some time ago my parents got into a car crash, long story short, until they can buy a car, From Sunday to Friday me and my boyfriend have to drive 50+ miles to spend the night there so we can wake up, drive my father to work, go to our day job, sit down for a split second and jump back on the road, pick my father up from work, drive him home and spend the night. The only day that's truly ours is Saturday.

I'm perfectly fine with this, my family needs my help, I'm going to help them. And my parents are being vary polite, Thank You, Please, I'm Sorry, all that jazz. If they have to got to the store they'll walk unless I force them into the car. My little brother, (not little) is the problem. And he's not even MEANING to be which makes it impossible to get mad at him.

So, he comes over every weekend. They don't have internet at the house and a bus ride to the local (ha) library is out of the question as they live against the mountains and apparently mountains and libraries do like each out. He needs to go online for homework. Print out stuff for collages, reports, other crud. So, I graciously let him come to our place.

Now, this is where it gets really annoying. First weekend, okay, he has homework, second weekend, okay, third, fourth, fifth. Then it's out anniversary, our SIX year anniversary and he still asks to come over. I live with my boyfriend's family, so it's already pretty hard to get the chance to, well, you know. But then my brothers here. So we're now going to celebrate sometime later so we can actually celebrate. Then, because he's there we decide we're just going to visit some friends.

Little brother goes; “don't they know it's your guy's anniversary?” 

He's sitting on my bed, playing a game on my TV, in my room.

I can deal with all of that. But as you've probably gathered, I've been very stressed out. I thought my mom was dying, I got a temporary pay cut, 'm paying for gas, helping my parents make rent, and quite a few other things. In my free time I write or draw. More often I write. So, on Friday night I crass from the week, Saturday I write, Sunday I use the morning to clean and get ready for the week. So I only get one day out of the week to unwind, but of course I'm weird. I cannot write/draw what so ever if someone is behind me. Wanna guess where he is? Yup, BEHIND ME. You wanna guess where he'll be tomorrow on my unwind day? Behind me.
So, sometime I can actually deal with him being behind me as long as I know he's paying attention to what he's doing but then my boyfriend's brother comes to hang out with him, and his friend, and his other friend, and his other friend. They all get super comfortable on my bed and being ridiculously annoying and loud.

It's times like this that I hate him.

He hasn't even done any homework! Yell