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May 6, 2014 at 9:51 am

Two and a half years ago I moved in with my boyfriend and we plan on moving out in a couple of months. We got papers that say move out notice and instructions saying how to properly clean the apartment. One thing I am not sure of is, almost two years ago the microwave broke and it was filled with roaches in the timer section and it smelled horrible too. So I assumed and am still assuming that my boyfriend bought the microwave when he moved in because he didnt say anything about calling maintenance to come take a look at it. to be honest the microwave seemed dead and it was in such bad shape, nothing could fix it or it might have been to expensive to fix. So we went a few months maybe 5 or 6 months without a microwave and then for xmas his parents bought us one and we still have it and its great. My question is; When we move out, do we leave that microwave to replace the old broken one that we threw out or are we allowed to take it with us since it was a xmas gift from his parents. Im really confused and im afraid to call the office because i feel like they will charge us for the old one. I mean we had so many roaches and they never helped us with them, they sprayed a few times but it never got rid of the roaches, I been spending money myself to get rid of the roaches and still they are not completely gone. I read that roaches destroy electronics, so I feel that they were at fault in the first place for not helping with pests in the apartments. I cleaned the apartment day and night while working full time , I washed dishes several times  day, i cleaned the floors and fridge and bathroom and still we had roaches. I am just not sure if we owe them a microwave or are we allowed to take ours with us when we move out? someone please give me some feedback or answers. thanks

May 8, 2014 at 2:17 am

Mmm.. I think it would have been wiser to explain to them that it was broken before throwing it away. As the apartment came with it, it is considered part of the apartment and so will be treated like anything else in the apartment – e.g. the toilet, shower etc. So, like having a broken toilet, the landlord would need to ensure that it is in working order. If you decided to replace a broken item yourself without given the landlord notice for compensation, then it is the landlords right to keep the item. Sorry it that is not what you’re hoping as an answer but I think you should try and discuss it with him sooner than later.
Good luck

May 12, 2014 at 10:00 am

I found out that the microwave did not come with the apartment, his parents gave it to him. So no worry lol but i do know what ever breaks to call them and tell them of course.