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May 31, 2011 at 11:35 am

I work in at a restaurant and I am a delivery driver, and I would have to say that overall my job ain't too bad. Overall my tips are pretty good, but I definitely have some bad days in there. It's sad when alls the person has to do is open the door and you pretty much know your not going to get a tip. I just joined this site so I'm getting used to just venting lol. I will just come out and say it…..The fuckin niggers don't tip, and if your lucky you walk away with a dollar. White people generally tip, but sometimes you just never know as some of them don't tip either. The kinds of people I hate the most are black and ghettoish, and they just stand there when they open the door and give you a look like “what is this cracker doing in my yard delivering my pizza”? I always feel like saying “well motherfucker I'm here to deliver your pizza,and if you give my any more shit i'll just throw it like a frisbee and leave. So yeah they just stand there and don't say anything, and as nice as I am I say hi or how's it going but still not a peep. Fuckin ghetto ass nigger no personality having motherfuckers that need an attitude check and the stick pulled out of their asshole. Gas is over 3.50 and your using your car, but they don't care. Thats all for now…I hope some delivery drivers will read this and agree with me.

March 14, 2014 at 12:48 pm

I always tip the delivery person at least $5 because i figure they went through all that trouble to get me my pizza, i normally do not eat alot of pizza but my boyfriend does. here is the thing though, i have had very very rude delivery people before, one said ” that is $17.90 before tip and i told him im terribly sorry, and that i normally always tip but i dont have cash on me and im very sorry and thank you so much for the pizza and if he ever delivered to me again i would double his tip… he gave me the nastiest look i have ever gotten from a delivery boy. i apologized and said if he delivered to me again i would double his tip and he was just so mean about it. at least i wasnt mean and was like im not tipping you.. for delivery boys to expect a tip is just unrealistic and annoying, when you get a tip great but if not why do you gotta be so rude to people? one delivery guy handed my pizza to me and waited for a tip… seriously? another one dropped my 2 liter coke, so hell no i didnt tip them, you treat my food like crap guess what you aint getting no tip. one delivery guy handed me an ice cold pizza, another one spilled garlic sauce all over the pizza box, so treat my food bad no tip for you. they are lucky i didnt call to get my money back for that ice cold pizza i waited 45 minutes for, and in your post you are being too rude calling black people the N word… so what if they dont tip you, dont be a delivery boy then, iv been to so many restaurants and had food delivered where i felt the person did not deserve a tip because of the rudeness, so if you are nicer maybe people would tip you more.. i also can understand the frustration when you are in fact nice but still dont get a tip, not every one carries cash on them so there is that and alot of times the experience makes the person not want to tip. i honestly think its rude for the delivery boy to say ” that is —— before tip.” like you are expecting a tip from me for real? its better if you are quiet and not request a tip. plus they deliver many pizzas a night and also get paid from the job so if a few people dont tip you, its not the end of the world. be nicer.