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December 30, 2012 at 7:32 pm

Omg!!! It’s been a day! Actually a long 10 months!!! I am 26 and I’m dating a man that is 48. I know odd right to each there own! Anyways, he is one selfish mother fucker! Omg!!!! I’m so tired of being needed all the time. I have 2 little kids that need me and then he goes and gets just as needy as them!!!!! He’s sick and needs me to take care of him cause he is a big baby! So I do but I tell him wtf!???? When I’m sick I have to fend for myself!? Wtf!!!??? Oh yeah it’s always in my head!!!! He’s got two grand kids and I’ve turned into the fucking live in babysitter for his daughter!!! Her kids are so fucking bad they make mine look like angels!!! Omg! I’m tired of it all he fucking lies all the time the sex is pretty good but that’s about it. We fight like cats and dogs and I’m ready to dig a hole in the backyard to burry him in!!!! I’ve tried talking to him and he don’t listen. He goes on alert like I’m attacking him. He’s so picky about everything!!!! Down to his fucking sox god forbid u mix his sox with any other white shit when you wash it ! Lmao!!!! Occasionally I will mix his shit on purpose just to piss him off hes used to being spoiled and I refuse to do so. When I first met him he used to rub lotion on my feet he sure doesnt do that now! I’ve started learning if you want to make someone learn a lesson mimick their behavior. Do what they do and give no more in a relationship then what is being offered from the other person. And it’s always ok for him to do something as long as its just him. If I do it it’s not right. Wtf???!!! Who goes. On Facebook and tells there ex gf from over 20 years ago that they love her and want to hold her and wish he was there and then tells his current gf that he doesn’t lover her like that. I love her but I’m not in love with her!!!!!! Omg!!! I’m not dumb or slow man!!!! It’s ok I’ve got this shit I’ve already started giving him small doses of his own medicine that way he can understand how I feel being on the other end.